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Character Information

Name: Blood-fang

Rank: Elder

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Red Talons

Position: Warder


Domain: FL-040-D

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 5



  • 1614 – Moon-Fury, Red Talon Ahroun, descended from a long line of Ahroun, including the “first” Red Talon, Fells-Trees. Moon-Fury comes to the New World via her pack, also accompanying her are several of her kinfolk. They instantly take the new land’s forests instinctively and naturally.
  • 1618 – Moon-Fury mates with her kinfolk. In May a litter of 6 pups is born.
  • 1624 – One of Moon-Fury’s cubs undergoes the first change. The Red Talons continue to move Westward via the woodland Canadian border. Moon-Fury’s pack assists in seizing a Wendigo caern in the Adirondacks, which later becomes the seat of House Wyrmfoe.
  • 1627 – Moon-Fury’s garou cub is named Howls-of-Purity, Galliard. The kinfolk thrive.
  • 1630 – Howls-of-Purity mates with his kinfolk. 2 whelps undergo their first changes, but during their rite of passage; one of them is killed by a bane infested bear. The other is named Brother-in Heart, an Ahroun.
  • 1640 – Moon-Fury falls defending a Caern.
  • 1644 – The Red Talons are in the North Dakota/Manitoba area. While there is no open warfare, there is some hostility between the Talons and the Purelanders, mainly the Wendigo who hold the European garou in contempt and blame for the loss of the Croatan.
  • 1650 – During the winter, Brother-in-Heart nearly dies during an encounter with Wendigo. The 3 Cubs; Fire-fang, Light-of-Stars and Sharp-Eye pass their rite of passages. They are Ahroun, Theurge and Philodox.
  • 1653 – Fire-fang is noticed to resemble a Red Talon legend from several centuries ago, Wild-Heart. The Elders take notice and sing praise that bloodlines are still intact.
  • 1659 – Fire-fang and his sister, Light-of-Stars arrive in Washington, but find it to be a nest of contention between Children of Gaia, Get of Fenris and Wendigo. They move Northward.
  • 1661 - The Red Talons find a dormant Gurahl caern along the Yukon River. Light-of-Stars is made Master of Rituals, and Fire-fang becomes sept alpha. In the summer, Snow-Runner and Whispers-in-the-Forest complete their Rites of Passage. They are Ragabash and Theurge.
  • 1668 – The Caern is discovered by Wendigo, but hostilities are avoided when it is discovered that the Red Talons and Wendigo have shared kinfolk.
  • 1675 – Fire-fang’s grandson, Splits-Bone becomes Sept Alpha. A strange disease afflicts the kinfolf causing many to die, and through the combined ability of Light-of-Stars, Whispers-in-the-Forest and the Wendigo theurge, Strength-of-Stone, they are able to channel an ancestor for guidance. They channel Wild-Heart, who gives them insight into the cause of the disease, banes poisoning the sept’s water source, the Yukon River. They mobilize and are able to defeat the banes.
  • 1690 – The kinfolk begin to recover from the poisoned river, and 3 Garou are born.
  • 1700 – Several Elders leave the Sept and head North West in search of new territory.
  • 1740 – A Ragabash of the Get of Fenris who was in the area with his pack hunting a Black Spiral Dancer called Ykktrak, inadvertently causes a powerful Wyrm spirit to awaken. Ykktrak was bait for the pack, and had led them on a chase to the nearby mountains. To their horror, Black Spiral Dancers poured from the caves. The pack is overwhelmed, and the Ragabash manages to retreat. He is found by the Red Talon pack, Frost Eyes. He warns them of the impending danger. The Talons return to the Caern to prepare. The Get of Fenris, suffering from Harano, howls and commits suicide hoping to atone for his shame.
  • 1741 – 1770 – WAR! The Red Talons put up a valiant effort against the Black Spiral Dancer hive. The Dancers first target the few Wendigo in the area; they then turn their attention on the Caern. During the almost 30 years, many Talons and Kinfolk are killed. Elders and Athro from the surrounding septs mobilize for dual attack. The Ahroun, Rends-Wyrm, leads a large group for a surface attack, while the descendant of Light-of-Stars, Voice-of-the-Past, and leads another group through the Umbra. The Red Talons penetrate into the hive and do violent battle with the Black Spiral Dancers and other wyrm denizens. Voice-of-the-Past’s spirit allies guide them into the heart of the hive, and find Ykktrak. Ykktrak engages Voice-of-the-Past in battle and brutally kills her. Rends-Wyrm and the remaining surface team arrives and descends on the battle wearied Black Spiral Dancer and in 1 swipe decapitate him. The Red Talons claim victory and destroy the hive, at the cost of many Red Talons.
  • 1770-1800 – During this post war time, very few Talons are born, due to the kinfolk being hit hard. They do still manage, and less than a dozen Talons are born.
  • 1815 – The descendant of Fire-fang is born, Ahroun like his ancestor, he is named Heart-of-Fire for the splash of red fur across his chest.
  • 1840 – Heart-of-Fire attacks and destroys a fishing village of humans used as a trading post for wolf pelts, gold and other goods. He uses the Rite of Gaia’s Rebirth, and the village is retaken by the land, and is soon forgotten.
  • 1841 – The sons of Heart-of-Fire are born, one Ahroun and one Philodox.
  • 1855 – Heart-of-Fire, now an Elder, leaves the sept in the charge of his son, Dark-Eyes.
  • 1860-1890 – The Gold Rush brings many humans into Alaska and Canada. They hunt kinfolk, elk, caribou and moose. Skinning them and trading them in goods. The Red Talons kill as many as possible, but they are sorely outnumbered.
  • 1900 – On the anniversary of the founding of the Gurahl caern, the descendant of Dark-Eyes is born. The Elders are overjoyed that the pure blood of Moon-Fury and of Wild-Heart is still strong.
  • 1900-1930 – The Red Talons do everything they can to stymie the progression of the Alaskan railroad, which was being supported by the Glasswalkers.
  • 1933 - The Red Talon theurge, Thoughts-Aloud discovers several spirits afflicted with a strange madness. Though unable to pinpoint the cause, she monitors them, purifying spirits as needed.
  • 1940 – Thoughts-Aloud finds the source of the affliction. A Garou driven mad by Harano and tainted by the Wyrm was corrupting spirits as he created fetishes and talens. The Red Talons confront this garou and are forced to kill him when purifying rites fail to assist him. It is later discovered that the garou was indeed Red Talon and of Heart-of-Fire’s line. This saddens the sept.
  • 1968 – A record setting snow storm blankets the state. The kinfolk struggle to find food; as such the birthrates are affected.
  • 1975 – The sept is brought a message by a Corax known as Wind-Waker. He alerts them to a large Wyrm spirit that has awoken nearby in the Umbra. The Red Talon Ahroun, Sows-Thunder leads a pack to investigate. The pack is never heard from again. This both saddens and puts the Caern on extreme alert.
  • 1979 – The Sept is besieged by banes on multiple fronts. They are attacked while hunting, while performing rites, etc. Even their kinfolk are harassed. The Talons reach out to an Uktena sept in Canada for assistance.
  • 1980-1990 – For ten years the two Septs work together in defending the caern. During a battle, the pure blooded sept alpha, Walks-with-Ancients falls in battle and only by the timely arrival of 3 Gurahl is he saved. The Gurahl join with the Red Talons and Uktena to combat the malignant Wyrm Spirits and are successful. The Gurahl accept that the Wyrm spirit had roused them from their hibernation prematurely and leave the caern in Red Talon custody…..for now. The Red Talons are indebted to the Uktena who only request the stories of the lineage of Walks-with-Ancients as any compensation. Walks-with-Ancients agrees to visit the Uktena caern to tell the story of his life, and of his ancestors.
  • 2000 – The Alaskan government passes a law that allows citizens to hunt wolves to curb population growth. While this partly impacts Red Talons closer to cities and settlements, it still cuts into the kinfolk population.
  • 2009 – Walks-with-Ancients next descendant is born.
  • 2009 – Begin PC history.



  • "Blood Fang is an honorable Ahroun. His people fight battles none of us can ever dream of ... or relate to. There is a reason he is one of my favorite Red Talons." - Ebony Forakis
  • "Blood Fang is majestic as fuck. There aren't enough of his kind." - Scarlett Jones, "Bringer of Light"

OOC Information

Player: Guillermo Velasco
Character: Blood-fang
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Red Talons
Position: Warder
Rank: Athro
Domain: FL-040-D
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Apocalypse PC

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Player: Guillermo Velasco

MES Number: US2006037455

Location: Miami, Florida