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Apocalypse PC


Robert Reynolds
Character: Blood-of-Ettins
Auspice: Ahroun (Modi)
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Position: Wyrm Foe
Rank: Adren (Elve)
Glory: •••••
Honor: •••
Wisdom: ••
Pure Breed: •••
Domain: NV-004-D
VST: Daniel Brown

Character information

Human Name: John-Henry Böðvolfr

Deed Name: Blood-of-Ettins

Breed: Manskr

Auspice: Modi

Pack: Song-of-War

Totem: Seadrake

Home: Lake Tahoe, NV

Favorite Colours: Grey and Green

Favorite Food: Moose

Theme Song: Little Mercy

Age: Mid Twenties

Sept: Sept of the Iron Command

Physical Description


In homid form Blood-of-Ettins is towering close to or just above eight feet tall and muscled like a giant. His flesh is disfigured by countless scars, including a cross scar over his throat that those spiritually inclined might recognize as a Mark of Boar. A tatoo mimicks a scar running down the right hand side of his face through his eye and to his neck. His jaw is broken and offset.

In lupus form. Blood-of-Ettins is obviously a Fenrir. His fur is grey, though it changes in tone and his underside is white (traits that show he is not of the highest pure breed). His eyes are brilliant icy blue. His size is also nothing to scoff at; the Fenrir's wolf forms are those of the legendary giant ice wolves, second in size to none, and Blood-of-Ettins is even larger than most due to his naturally huge size. Even in this form Blood-of-Ettins scars cover his body, causing odd cuts in his fur. His jaw is broken and offset.

In Crinos form Blood-of-Ettins towers at over 13 feet tall. He has a fur colouring much like that of his lupus form, but the scars are much larger and leave rents of white flesh through his fur. His eyes in this form are marked by the icy blue rage of the Fenrir. His jaw is broken and offset.

Notable Traits

  • Blood-of-Ettins is always one of the first to join battle and is eager to take a position towards the front and center to act as a shield for others. He is also always the last to leave the site of a battle, being sure that others are safe and the enemies are truly disposed of.
  • Blood-0f-Ettins is a strong believer that you are not a friend until you prove yourself to be an ally.
  • Blood-of-Ettins is strict on protocol and honor.
  • Blood-of-Ettins owns and frequently patrols land on the tahoe rim where he inherited his parents' house.
  • Blood-of-Ettins is a huge presence on the battlefield, usually fighting more than one opponent at a time.


  • At a great battle to defend the Sept of the Iron Command during the Ratkin War, engaged in single combat against The-Blood-Eye, a Ratkin commander. The-Blood-Eye and his army were defeated. The-Blood-Eye escaped.
  • As a Junge (cliath), defeated a Fenrir Voksen Modi (Fostern Ahroun) in single combat to claim the right to Wyrm Foe.
  • When still a Junge, won through battle the right to lead his sept in the elimination of a den of Black Spiral Dancers and many powerful fire banes. In the process they rescued several cubs and kinfolk.
  • As Wyrm Foe, lead the elimination of three corrupted Wendigo spirits and the cleansing of a Wyrm tainted factory.
  • As pack Beta, took the forefront in combat against a half dozen powerful fomori with his previous pack "Rapid Response".
  • Won his challenge to Fostern by causing a Black Fury Ahroun Fostern to frenzy.
  • Along with his warpack, Song-of-War, he destroyed the Leviathon of Tahoe that was born from polutants in Lake Tahoe, then remained afterwards with his sept's Master of Rites to cut apart the body (roughly 100 meters long) and single-handedly defend the ritemaster as he cleansed the corpse piece by piece.
  • Was awarded a Fang Dagger wrought from the teeth of the Leviathan of Tahoe for the Fenrir's honor and bravery in combat.
  • As Wyrm Foe, coordinated sept resources, packs, and lone wolves to root out the criminal Green Family, an extensive organized crime syndicate with a high percentage of fomori members.
  • While visiting the Yosemite Sept, lead a group to destroy a group of wyrm creatures that had invaded the Bawn.
  • Destroyed a factory that was producing pollutants specifically to be dumped into Lake Tahoe.
  • Travelled around the country to Fenrir populated Septs to gather knowledge on how to be a better Modi.
  • For his challenge to Elve, defeated the formerly Fianna Black Spiral Dancer named PlagueSword, an Ahroun Adren who had claimed the lives of many Fianna and other Garou over more than two decades. It was a single combat, done before the Totem spirits of both warriors with others present. At the end of the battle, Blood-of-Ettin's jaw had been permanently broken by blows from tainted fetishes.

Allies and Enemies

Garou Nation.
Garou Nation



  • The Blood-Eye - Ratkin General

Quotes and Rumors

Feel Free to Add to this Section

  • "I am not a human, and you are not a wolf. We are Garou." - Blood-of-Ettins
  • "There are three standards by which I judge all individuals. Prowess in combat, Honor, and Tradition. These are the marks of a Fenrir." - Blood-of-Ettins
  • "I think it wise to always carry a fetish weapon, in case it is dangerous to use my claws. I find it wise to always carry a steel weapon in case it is dangerous to use my Fang Dagger." - Blood-of-Ettins
  • "To not hunt the wyrm is to breech the litany. Some tribes seem to have forgotten this." - Blood-of-Ettins
  • "The enemy knows us. It knows that we are like wolves and like men. To travel in the city as a wolf betrays the nature of those around you and endangers your pack unnecessarily. The glasswalkers I know would turn to Lupus if their pack needed to travel in the mountains." - Blood-of-Ettins
  • "If you stray too far from the path of honor, or become corrupted or insane, I will be sure that what knowledge I have shared with you is not used for wrong ends. I would expect no less from any other Fenrir if such were to happen to me." - Blood-of-Ettins

OOC Information

Player: Robert Reynolds

MES Number: US2009043868

Location: Reno, Nevada