Bloody Brother John

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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu ••
City: Court of Washington, DC •••
Player: James "Shamus" Glass
Storyteller: Julian G
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Bloody Brother John, AKA Wang Jing, Cardinal of the East Central-Seaboard

Sire: Ekaterina Tchaikovskaya Viscera

Bloodline: Gethsemani

Notable Traits: Brother John is of Chinese origin, preferring to speak in his native language of Mandarin whenever possible. Known to be a Monachal Lance, though more tolerant of other beliefs than many of his Creed. Nos Creep: Obvious Stigmatic (Blood oozes from the 5 wounds of Christ, EG: Scalp, Wrists, Feet, Back and Side). Is also known to have a larger than average skull.

Titles: Cardinal

Coteries/Societies: Affiliated with the Atlas Conglomerate and House Viscera

Character Livejournal:

Information Known by Kindred Society


Known Childer


Known Grand-childer



  • He hates white people.
  • He is actually of Japanese descent.
  • He follows a heretical creed of the Lancea Sanctum...

OOC Information

Player: James "Shamus" Glass

Location: Washington, DC