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Accord PC

Player: Skylar Rippke
Creature Type: Changling
Division: N/A
City: Ames, IA
VST: Andrew Adams

Notable Traits

  • Striking Looks x4
  • Spring Mantle x5
  • Wyrd x4


The Mask

A beautiful woman in her early to mid twenties, with stunning orangeish red hair the falls to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a striking shade of dark brown, which contrasts gorgeously to the pale skin that is dotted with freckles. On her back, she has what looks to be monarch wings tattooed.

Behind the Mask

A creature that seems to be some combination of human and butterfly; her face remains unchanged from her mask, except her eyes, which very clearly appear compound once the mask has fallen. From her back sprouts the wings of a monarch butterfly.


  • Born: Sometime in 1962
  • Kidnapped to Arcadia: Sometime in the 1980s
  • Escaped Arcadia: Sometime in the late 2000s
  • Joined the Accord: Sometime after 2010

Friends, Allies, and Acquaintances


  • Doesn't need to use the powers of Spring to sway a man's desire...she's just that good all on her own.
  • Feel free to add any you may have heard, true or false

Research Contributions

Actively Contributed (In Top Ten)
(Will Also Teach if Accessible)
Can Teach to those who are Interested
Doctor of Mutations (Not Accessible) Cult Disbanding Techniques
Emotional Attunement (Not Accessible) Mutation Specialist
Tear Quantification Push Back (Not Accessible)
Tear Synchronization


  • Feel free to add any you may have heard either about Blossom, or from Blossom
  • "I do people" -Blossom
  • "Took me like a year to meet her, and we got dragged apart by circumstance almost immediately. Fuck me, it better not be another year before we get to hang again. Spring's gotta stick together." - Shkira Kushnir