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Awakening PC

Player: Travis Page.
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: None
Position: None
Consilium: La Perla del Sur
City: Ponce, PR
Cabal: [Harrani Ebebu Mudutu]
VST: Jake W.

Blythe 3 draw.jpg

This pc is now retired. 14 September 2015

Known to the Awakened World (IC Info)

Character Overview

Shadowname: Blythe
Sleeper Alias: Dr. William Pierce. Subject to Change.
Notable Traits: More interested in Science than People
Title or Positon: Current Bartender for the Ponce Concillium
Cabal: [Harrani Ebebu Mudutu]


Male, Average Height and Weight. Short Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes.


The ground and air crack and split and change to the 5 different states of matter.

Friends and Enemies

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IC Rumours


IC Quotes

From him

  • "Ceramic Bullets. Let me work on that."
  • "If you can bend reality you can drink. If you can't drink, stop bending reality."
  • "Three Rules. Be polite; Every Culture has soup and sandwiches; When you do not know what to do, stop and do nothing."

About him...

  • "Blythe's a strange one, but a good cabalmate. Also, he doesn't use heathen lingo. I like learning about magic in plain fucking English" - Taren
  • "So, do I go on about how he's an amazing bartender, or how I'd nibble him to death?" - Isnana

OOC Character Information

  • Guardian of the Veil
  • Unknown status save for those in the order.
  • Is an extremely knowledgeable chemist and mixologist.

Basic Timeline

  • Redacted: childhood was fairly normal, at least in the beginning.
  • Born: Cherry Creek area of Denver.
  • Social Status: Middle Upper Class
  • Name: Redacted
  • Born: January 2nd 1971, Denver Colorado.
  • Parents: Redacted.
  • Father: Pureblooded Irish.
  • Mother: Pureblooded German.
  • Occupations
  • Father: Mortician, Sundown Funeral Parlor.
  • Mother: Homemaker.

Current Activities

  • "Chemist in Ponce, Puerto Rico."
  • "Default Bartender apparently for Mage gatherings."
  • "Made the Shooting Star, a Version of Fernet and Coke for the new Ponce Hierarch. The drink was named by Jailbird."



  • "Very little is known about Blythe other than he was from Colorado, is an Alchemist and Chemist, is in the Guardians of the Veil, and his last three mentors disappeared."
  • "He moved to Puerto Rico November 2014, and through some miscommunication originally moved to San Juan. That was quickly rectified and he moved to Ponce after he found out."

Looking For

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OOC Player Information

Player:Travis Page
Mes Number:US2002021965
Location: Colorado Springs

OOC Disclaimer

All information on this wiki is considered OOC unless you've learned it in game, or it is explicitly specified that the information is IC.

This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.