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Character Information

Name: Robert. Call me Bob. Just Bob. State security and all that.

Creature Type: Changeling, Wizened Inventor HUMAN

Notable Traits: Incredibly efficient. A little ditsy. Totally human, honest!

Title or Positon: Morale Officer (Status 3)


  • Tom. He lets me stay at his house, and he doesn't care that I took down most of his mirrors and clocks. I like him. Sometimes he gets a little overzealous with his whole "study and murder all the non-humans" thing, but whatever.
  • Phil ... No wait. Josh? Shannon? Tocoloco? He changes his name all the time, he says he doesn't have one really. Anyway, dude's functionally immortal and gives me sweet toys to play with. The random sacks of cash to go shopping with are also cool.
  • Katja hasn't killed me yet, and I'm going to count that as a win.
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  • Not totally human.
    • SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH before Tom hears that.
  • Plays more video games than he actually has time for. How does that work?

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  • "The wizard told me to do it." - Bob
    • "So, what you're saying is, we're all wizards now? Rad." - Bob, after Tom told him that magic is really easy
  • "Bob is awesome." - (Almost) the entire cell, 5 April 2014
  • "There is something wrong with that bastard. He watches too much. May not have to wait for the laugh track." - Katja
  • "I feel kinda bad about getting Bob dragged into this mess, fortunately he has adapted into the life of taking free government money, playing video games, and watching the wizards fret about stuff." - Tom
  • "Stop sending me Hogwarts letters!" - That one wolfblooded cop. You know, the angsty one. Yeah, him. He won't accept that he's a wizard, it's a real downer.
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OOC Inspirations

Foaly, Artemis Fowl
Gune, Titan A.E.
Willow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"Soldaduras de alquimia" by Carlos Villalobos
"Bangarang" video, Skrillex

OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Ryan Nash
Creature Type: Changeling Normal mortal, honest
Division: TBD
City: Colorado Springs, CO
VST: Sean Bergeman
RQ: 34

Player: Ryan Nash

MES Number: US2012120018

Location: Colorado Springs, CO