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Awakening PC

Player: Hilary Sklar
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder ••
Legacy: Tamer of Rivers
Consilium: Fort Worth
City: Fort Worth, TX
VST: Matthew Maddoux


Shadow Name: Bobcat



Known Aliases" Dr. Gonzales, Speedy (Medschool nickname), Micheletto (very close friends only)

Quote: "We should all attempt to stop playing prima donna and we should all attempt to stop arguing with each other. I know it's not easy when someone winds you up, but you could try taking deep breaths or something."


• 1980 - Born in Mexico DF
• 1985 – emigrates to LA with his parents and two younger sisters in the base of a truck
• 1998 – Gets scholarship and enters Medical School
• 2001 – Does elective in Guatamala. Falls in love with Rainforest. Works with indigenous people. Undertakes spirit journeys guided by a Mayan Priest (all a bit phoney but who cares).
• 2002 – Returns to the forest in summer vacation. Becomes radicalised. Vandalises equipment belonging to illegal loggers.
• 2003 – Repeats last year’s vacation adventures. Awakens, picks up spirit familiar (El Tigre)
• 2004 – Graduates with honours and prizes. Gets a job as an intern in Mexico City
• 2006 – Gets on first rung of the high flying career ladder
• Precise date to be determined – Enters apprenticeship with Jack Ansible (Tamer of Rivers)
• Precise date to be determined – First Attainment gained – loses the glittering career
• Joins Medicins sans Frontiers – using his vacations and free time to go and serve where medics are needed. Takes variety of locum jobs up and down the USA and Central America. Never in the same place for very long
• Precise date to be determined – Second Attainment gained – loses spirit familiar
• 2014 – in Liberia, dealing with Ebola outbreak
• 2015 – gets locum work in JPS ER in Fort Worth


Suzanne - Leonard Cohen
The River - Bruce Springsteen
I Came to Dance - Nils Lofgren (though that is a side of Bobcat which is rarely seen)
Sixteen tons - Johnny Cash
Spencer the Rover - John Martin
Stephen Franklin from Babylon 5

Seriously, I do not do popular culture.... There are a couple of ideas I am trying to explore with this character - one is cultural appropriation and the other is what it means to be an economic migrant... (Yes, the player is hopelessly pretentious)

Character Description

Bobcat looks pretty much like an off duty doctor. He typically wears fake designer jeans, a polo shirt and hiking sneakers.

He's Mexican, dark skinned, apparently mid-thirties and around 5'4". He has long, completely straight black hair, tied back neatly. He'll tell you he's Mayan, he speaks the language - he looks Mayan enough but who knows?

He doesn't have striking looks but he does have considerable animal grace (feral mien).


Rainforest, you can smell it, hear rain dripping from huge leaves, immense humidity.


A lifestyle condominium in Fort Worth.

Which he can't really afford....

Looking For


Quotations By Bobcat

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Quotes Regarding Bobcat

  • "Really interesting to talk to, knows loads about Life magic and gets why the environment matters." - Zou
  • "Man, I would really like to get to know Dr. Gonzales better. I felt like I could talk to him without it being a freak out on either side. Calm discourse among strangers is hard. He's a cool customer. I'm pretty sure he can throw some sort of a punch, too, given his confidence haha." - DJ Radix