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Awakening PC

Player: Cris P.
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••
Legacy: Thundering Fist of Vajrapani
Position: None
Consilium: Alexandria, VA
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: Sinners and Saints
VST: Charles Lloyd (DC Awakening VST)

Bodhi looking good and cleaned up.
Bodhi Vajra-Kai


I am currently an inactive player.

Path: Theurgists (Obrimos)

Order: Ungula Draconis (Adamantine Arrow)

Faction: The Council of Dragons

Sleeper Alias: Among the Awakened he often used the name "Bodie Jenkins". Among non-Mages he uses various ones but most commonly "Neal Cassady".

Offices: None

Quote: "Ma'am I am just a humble man who is a travlin', following the words of the Light Almighty and chasin' de thunder...going where de winds want to blow me."

Nimbus: He becomes surrounded by a halo of light as if sunlight is coming from above, filtered through clouds that are parting. This is followed by a deep rumble of thunder, cold blowing wind and the flash lightning off in the distance.

Character Description

Known only to those who have met the character ICly or would be reasonable ICly.

  • A Caucasian with dark hair, dark eyes, attractive and classic "Americana" look. Comes off as very humble, yet his body is very athletic, strong and has a power to it.
  • In black ink, on his left forearm he has tattooed of बोधिवज्रकाई in black ink. (OOC: The tattoo is understandable by those who can read Hindi)
    • For those familiar with his work, you can tell that an Awakened artist that goes by Ink did the tattoo.
  • Speaks with a "southern drawl" of some kind. He speaks in "dialect" rather than standard American English.


All below is IC knowledge to those characters who would know the character and could reasonably know such things such as members of the Alexandria Consilium, fellow Adamantine Arrows and so on. If unsure about if a rumor is known ICly to your PC, ask the VST

  • Much of Bodhi's skills are unknown but he is a confirmed Master of Life. In any case he seems to downplay whatever he does know and often says statements to the effect of "walks very humbly the path of the mighty" and it is known he has abilities with Forces, Prime and Mind.
  • Bodhi belongs to a group within the Council of Dragons that are monastic within nature called the Akashayana. He future states that "those of the Diamond Orders" are also part of the Akashayana.
    • The Akashayana have a different ideas on Arcana such as further defining Arcana into two categories of "hard" and "soft" practices. Those things that are "Hard Arcana" are defined as Forces, Life, and Matter but some practices of Space in its movement/spacial manipulation aspect, and some aspects of Fate in its destructive aspects. The "Soft Arcana" are defined Prime, Mind, and Spirit, and also any of the Arcana in their 'detection' aspects.
  • It is unknown if he is part of a legacy or not. However he does claim membership as a the Thundering Fist of Vajrapani which is an esoteric group of Magi that seek to unite mind, body and spirit to "see past the lies we tell ourselves".

Bits of Trivia and Character History

All below is IC knowledge to character that could reasonably know such things. If unsure about if a rumor is known ICly to your PC, ask the VST

  • Bodhi is known to be a frequent visitor of Camp Delta.
  • He speaks with a southern accent but in an odd, non-standard dialect of English.
  • Not much is known about his past.
    • He has changed his aliases many times. These are known only to those who have met the character under one of these names ICly.
      • Neal Cassady, Dean Moriarty, Michael Kerouac, "The Traveling Man" Lester De Laga Raga, "Shindig" Johnny Funk, "Hey You" Robert Jude, Phil "Diamond Thunderbolt" Louis and Rohan Varman.
  • Lived in India.
    • Mentions Mumbai and in a northern part called Uttaranchal
    • Worked on ships doing bosun type work. Tells stories about having to repelling pirates in the Straits of Malacca.
    • Been through most of the US, parts of Canada and Mexico.
    • Did a lot of drinking margaritas with cute little chicas while admiring the murals of Diego Rivera in Mexico.
    • Has a fondness for odd, non-American snack foods.
  • Has mentioned his father was in the military and expected Bodhi to be career military as well.
    • Elaborated further that he "disappointed his old man and went to a liberal arts college" to pursue art, good pot and women.
    • Mentions a sister who "is a real GI Jane. Pops loves her lots n' all dat".
  • He dated B.D. Ravenwood for a little bit.
    • Broke up mutually...just didn't work out.
  • Is a writer a two fiction series that are called collectively the "Time Again" series.
    • He is part of a group of artists and writers called "The Thunderbolt Krewe". Among the folks are names like Neal Cassady, Dean Moriarty and Michael Kerouac
    • Has been to Burning Man 2005 and 2014, showing off his artwork, novels and comics.
  • He was married one time
    • To a Guardian of the Veil
    • Rumored to be widowed...perhaps...maybe only separated.
  • Helped organize and lead Operation Bloodhound


All below is IC knowledge to those who know the character or have a reason that they should know logically. This includes members of Washington DC Awakening and frequent visitors to the domain. In all cases if unsure about if a rumor is known ICly to your PC, ask the VST

Bodhi's siderite kerambit with petrified wood handle.
  • He thought his arm tattoo was a very spiritual mantra or prayer. It actually says "I Love Cheese Sticks".
    • Bodhi has no idea what it means, it just looked cool and he had it done.
  • Bodhi has a full back tattoo that he doesn't show off...allegedly.
  • Does odd jobs here and there.
    • Is part of a group of artists and writers called "The Thunderbolt Krewe". They are known to put out short stories, novels and comics infrequently at first through fanzines, BBS and later Live Journal and blogs.
    • John Capital has an extensive collection of works by the Thunderbolt Krewe, including hard to find and rare works.
    • When times are lean he works in a grocery store and does busking.
  • Eats meat, drinks alcohol, on occasion smokes various things.
    • Wait...isn't he suppose to be Hindu, Buddhist monk or something?
    • No he just went to a monastery of some kind to rest, restore himself and find new inspiration for art.
  • Bodhi can speak very good Spanish...or at least he thinks he can.
  • Has never served in the military, law enforcement or anything remotely "combat" related.
    • you count a "mean as a junk yard dog" father who served in the military?
  • He has a father that was some kind of very ornery and disagreeable "Navy SEAL type person" that he doesn't get along with.
    • Bodhi has a sister that evidently his father favors more and wasn't such a disappointment.
  • He delivered a very well received presentation at the 2014 Grand Convocation.
  • Seems to have a definite thing for Enchantress women.
    • Two for two on ladies of the Path of Thistle. He finds unpredictable nature a turn on.
  • Seduced the lead singer for Trollgate at Burning Man 2014 and broke her heart.

Bodhi's set of steel "claws". Inscription on it reads (Hindi words) तुम मेरी जिंदगी, मेरी सांस और मेरे दिल की धड़कन हैं. तुम मेरे सब कुछ कर रहे हैं. - रांझा कफन

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All below is IC knowledge to character that could reasonably know such things. If unsure about if a rumor is known ICly to your PC, ask the VST

General Quotes By Bodhi

  • "Western Virginia...all mountains, whiskey, coal and small families. Lots of witch hammer out der stampin' out the hoodoo they see as ungodly. Unlike others, 'sistent like hounds they are. Chase far far they will." - Bodhi
  • "Most amount of payoff for the least amount of work. Called "conservation of energy" need to be 'runnin 'round lika' chicken wit no head and all dat." - Bodhi
  • "For years nay did I rest und'ah a roof, tote wit me duckets or nibbles. I went my lonesome to places most frightful for lessers to trod. I was living la vida local...a life o' o'purpose. Found I be jailed but freedom came by my own enlightenment n'wisdom. Nay again will chains be 'pon me again" - Bodhi
  • [In a low grumble, the voice not exactly his]"Back in my day we waged war, total war but with ethics and correctness of action, not this [unrecognizable word] we call combat now. This saddens me greatly." - Bodhi, spoken randomly while in meditation, searching the "records of the mythic past".
  • De Akashayana I be part of be teachin' us many things. De mind, body, and de spirit possess no form and all es one in unity of de True True. Practicing catechism of daily giveth willworkers an powerful might allowing all to be equal. Trainin calms desires and 'veals de illusion of the Fallen. Through Supernal, willworkers are bodhicitta allow shapin' imagination and “lettin' go” and lettin' Supernal arrive like a wave crashing against the shore. - Bodhi on the nature of the Supernal
  • Wit de popularity of de martial arts and MMA one would ponder the Adamantine Arrow be rolling good with new blood, all newly 'Wakened n'stuff from the experience of the Adamant Way first hand. Nay...nay. Dis trend not as bigsome as thought. Folks not wantin' the spiritual and discipline that es needed but only obsessed with the material of it. How dey look, what folks saying 'bout them. De "bull-shit-do" schools...the Quick-EE Dojo are all over, taken up proper dojos. Folks roll eyes and hem haw 'bout studying. Wantin to mash buttons, insto-coffee gratify than study and make progress. Just wantin ass kickin lessers n'not truly 'stand what they do, why they do and how they do it.

General Quotes About Bodhi

  • "I like Bodhi, he's got a special sort of charm to him, but I just can't seem to shake the feeling that I recognize him from somewhere else." - Doc
  • "If it's possible to be opposites in every way and still remain on the same team, then Bodhi is that perfect opposite of me." - Caty Latham
  • "For his eye-opening and thought provoking presentation on The Awakened Mind and Illusion of Self, we wish to recognize Arrow Bodhi for his lecture on the Day of Swords." - Magister Guilliam
  • "Neal has this...sweetness to him that I haven't found anywhere else, I hope this isn't the last time we see each other." - Belladonna
  • "Neal's pretty cool. He's obviously an experienced burner haha. Hope I run into him again!" - DJ Radix
  • "So, imagine Mr. Miyagi - of course that Mr. Miyagi - except make him half as old and give him a silly accent that isn't Japanese - that's kinda like what Bodhi is. I think. I think he might just be faking the silly accent." - Rumor!
  • "Bodhi lost a close friend, I may not have been impressed by Ink, that Bodhi was speaks volumes." - Shofar
  • "Caprice has all his graphic novels around the house, so I had a preconception. Didn't realise he was the last of the warrior-philosophers for real." - Zou
  • "He's a solid reminder that we're human, first. A good role-model, one I hope to emulate back home." - Hitter

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Art, Writing and Passions

Bodhi is one of the writers and artists who is part of a group calling themselves "The Thunderbolt Krewe". They collectively work on a series called "Time Again". The series started with a series of BBS posts and later Live Journal stories of a fantasy world similar to Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard called "Sword of Meru". Later artwork, maps and illustrations were added and are best described as influenced by Frank Frazetta and Brom. Later on a few physical copies have turned up, usually small printing done by fans for fans.

Later on a second series was published online called "The Matrix of Ascension". This series was a vastly different sort taking place in the modern world but with some anachronisms, such as fedoras and older technology still being present. It has been best described as "dark noir, detective fiction meets the Matrix". It is revealed that some of the dreams and flashbacks of folks of a "time before creation in the island nation of Meru" are because the "souls of the Meru'ai people were shattered but not destroyed. They instead settled into the souls of other folks and still inhabit people in the modern world."

The series has a small cult following and seems to be popular among the Awakened community. Among the fans are Caprice, Lucas and John Capital.

Friends, Associates and other Folks

All below is IC knowledge to those who have a reason to know about know the character or have a reason that they should know logically. In all cases if unsure if your PC knows something ask the VST

Among the Awakened

  • B.D. Ravenwood - This Enchantress is one of the past Hierarch of the Alexandria Consilium. They dated for a bit but around the time she became Hierarch the parted ways romantically.
  • John Capital - For some unknown reason the wealthy tycoon that is John Capital is known to to have thrown lots of money at Bodhi and the Thunderbolt Krewe, often asking for custom made collectibles and props of items describes or depicted in the novels and graphic novels. But what would an ascetic mystic like Bodhi need with that kind of cash?
  • Caprice - Caprice and Bodhi apparently knew each other long before she Awakened due to her love of graphic novels and the works of the Thunderbolt Krewe. They started dating shortly after the Convocation which was a a few months of her joining Awakened society.
  • La Calavera - Caty and Bodhi were close at one point, but apparently haven't seen each other in some years. Whether they were professional acquaintances, friends, or even lovers is a matter of speculation.

The Odd

  • DJ Radix - The techno/EDM DJ person met at Burning Man. He's fairly popular, and I suppose for the style of music he chooses to produce he's quite skilled at making it. At least he seems to have quite a few fans. Doesn't seem to have gone to his head. His aura marks him as some kind of "fae", bright colors with chains of Fate abound.
  • Belladonna - Bell met "Neal Cassady" at Burning Man 2014 and for the duration of the festival the two were quite "close" What will come of it is quite unknown, but it is known that she inspires something in him...whether artistic epiphanies and jealous twitches. She like DJ Radix have an aura of "the fae" and chains of Fate to it.

Dearly Departed

  • Ink - Ink was killed in action in 09/15 during Operation Bloodhound in Charleston, West Virginia. Ink was a fiercely loyal defender and closest friend to Bodhi. They were as close as two people could be outside of a romantic relationship or marriage as evident by identical tattoos marking them as "parabatai"or lifelong partners bound together by oaths. This antiquated custom is a rarity among the Adamantine Arrows and mostly unheard of outside the Order.

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CWoD Material

The characters of...


Clips Some real life martial arts techniques that the character would be using.

Real People

  • Bruce Lee - The warrior, philosopher and various aspects.
  • Jack Kerouac - Looks, some life and style.
  • Bob Ross - He is a happy, kinda hippy artist type.
  • Various Indie comic book writers

OOC Information

Player Name: Cris P.

MES Number: US2011017223

Location: Washington D.C. (Domain of the Dark Capital)