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Bodhi is a Garou pack that is part of the Sept of Two Rivers, near Portland, Oregon. Bodhi has taken their name from the Buddhist word for enlightenment or “awakened”, it is the final enlightenment that leads to nirvana. It was formed in June of 2013, under the leadership of Bren Dean. The original membership consisted of Bren, "Whispers to No One", Declan O'Keefe "Sword-of-Spirit", Sings to the Winds and Page Fault.

Bodhi's pack totem is the Merlin of wisdom. He appears as a small hawk with sharp bright eyes to see all, beautiful feathers with a hint of blue and a sense of fierce cunning despite his small size.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Bren Dean- Pack Alpha - Homid/Philodox/GlassWalker/Adren
  • "Whispers to No One" - Lupus/Ragabash/Uktena/Adren
  • Declan O'Keefe "Sword-of-Spirit" - Homid/Theurge/Fianna/Fostern
  • Page Fault - Homid/Theurge/Glass Walker/Fostern
  • Sings to the Winds - Metis/Galliard/Silent Strider/Fostern

    Friends of the pack