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"It might seem like you've got me where you want me and my game is up, but luck is a funny thing. I hope you know how to laugh, because things are about to get real funny."


Luck follows these wayward Gangrel wherever they go, but so does trouble, jealousy, suspicion and paranoia. Reportedly altered by an encounter with the spirit world itself, these traveling lodestones push their luck and test the tolerance of fellow Kindred.

Bloodline Disciplines:

  • Animalsim
  • Protean
  • Resilience
  • Nighmare

Nickname: Jonahs

Source: Bloodlines: The Hidden


The Bohagande's aura is a black void, subtly drawing in the colors of auras around it. While this does not make the Bohagande immune to the power’s of Aura Perception, it makes them extremely untrustworthy, especially as ill omen seems to follow them.

History and Culture:

The story goes, the Bohagande were founded in 1848 by a Gangrel wandering out west after an encounter with a native Shaman, or perhaps spirits. Or maybe just a bird. No one is really too sure, and the Bohagande don't really talk too much about it. If they even really care.

The Bohagande have a very loose, distant culture. Members of the bloodline tend to stay away from one another. When two Jonah's do come into disagreement over territory, the tradition is that the elder of the two has the right to keep what is his. The younger may contest that claim, and the two then engage in a contest of luck, the winner taking all.


If they had their way, the Bohagande would be the best kept secret in Kindred society.

What little outsiders know is scary: Misfortune and misery follow the Bohagande, they leave a wake of disaster in their passing, the Jonah's steal your luck from you.

They are outcasts and pariah's. If something goes wrong in a domain, the Prince will likely assume it was the Bohagande who caused it. Some just opt to outlaw them, and bloodhunt them at the first rumor of their presence.

For this reason, the smart Bohagande play ignorant, and try to pass themselves off as a regular old Gangrel, and keep an eye out for other Jonah's who come in to hone in on a good thing.


The Bohagande eat luck. If a Bohagande is aware of an action, he can attempt to absorb the luck of the target doing said action, and use it the next time the Bohagande takes an action.

This custom devotion is only available to the Bohagande.

Known Members

Are you kidding me? Have you not been reading this??? The Bohagande don't advertise!