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General Information

Bohiti is a five-foot-nothing Taino figure. Its face is weathered and cracked by age and exposure to the elements. It wears obviously hand-made clothing in a traditional Taino style and carries a simple bow. It bears a number of small animal-skin pouches and a larger hand-made backpack. An antiquated key hangs from a leather thong about its neck. Bohiti coughs wetly on a semi-regular basis and occasionally something glistens darkly on its cracked lips or hands in the aftermath. The dark substance is ephemeral in nature, dissipating moments later.

Bohiti often uses Taino words, before stumbling upon the word in a more accessible language. Bohiti is ill-at-ease amongst the living, preferring the company of the spirits of the dead. Bohiti never stays in one place long, always traveling by foot unless there is need for great distances in short periods of time. Bohiti lives off the land, having made everything it carries, save the key around its neck. Bohiti does not make attachments with the living, believing it to be bad for the living and those that are not living to mingle excessively.

Associations and Operations

Positions: None (Formerly Ritualist of Araitio, the Ponce cell)

The Accord The Gatekeepers Ponce - Agent Operation Smoke and Mirrors Operation Radar Operation Tower Operation Heart of Darkness Operation:Paragon - Nicaragua

Accord PC

Player: Vito D'Agosta
Creature Type: Promethean
Division: The Gatekeepers ••••
Stories: Bohiti's Words
City: Puerto Rico Accord ••••
VST: PR Accord VST