Boleslav Diaconescu

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Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Bloodline: Koldun
Sect: Sabbat ••••• ••
Statuses: Initiated, Loyalist, Blessed, Battle-Scarred, Devout, Anointed, Honorable
City: Savannah, GA
Player: Jimmy Lindsey
Storyteller: VST Jimmy Lindsey


- Is known to study the path of Death and the Soul, yet still espouses belief in Azi-Dahaka
- Is of the Loyalist faction of the sect
- Is known to be a historian of the clan and sect, among a great many other topics
- Is known to always travel in the company of an Obertus named Augustus
- Ductus of "The all seeing eye" , Formerly Priest
- Claims Voivode over South Georgia


- He was once a Priest during the sects formation, and contributed to the creation of several Ritae.
- He assisted his sire in faking his death in order to join the Sabbat.
- He never keeps a man made structure as a haven, but rather uses natural dwellings.
- He controls a network of spies throughout enemy sects.
- He assists his sire in creating tomes of thuamaturgical knowledge from still living Tremere.
- He has spent many short stents in torpor due to commitment to his studies of enlightenment.
- It is said he speaks directly with the spirits of the land and uses them as spies everywhere.
- The majority of his original pack was ambushed and destroyed by lupines and other strange beasts upon arrival in the new world.
- He has on occasion had nightmarish visions while in torpor and is seen by some as a prophet.
- Recently joined a new pack consisting primarily of younger kindred.
- Is nearing the final requirements of Zuhpan and seeks to supplant the current Voivode of Voivodes.

Pack: The Unseen Eye

- Dead     Illeon Ibara  Lasombra  (Former Ductus)
- Ductus   Boleslav Diaconescu Tzimisce Koldun
- Priest   Monika Andropov Tzimisce
- Packmate Muther Mayai Kiasyd
- Packmate [[   ]] Malkavian
- Packmate Grayson Sawyer Whitman Salubri
- MIA      Deitrick Gargoyle


- Each of us have the right to freedom, the obligation to the sword is not out of its own being, but to insure above all things
    that we remain free from the enslaving grasp of our elders. Boleslav on origins of the sect.
- Azi-Dahaka being the transmutation of body and soul may be reached not only through the mutability of flesh, but also through 
    that of the mind and spirit as its primary focus. Boleslav on path of Death and the Soul.

Known Allies:

- Xuletchupa 
- Noch (Student) 
- Radu (Research Companion)
- Bastion
- Deitrick 
- Monika Andropov (Eldest Childer)
- Kristof Androsuik, Voivode of Washington DC

Known by few fiends:

- Embrace  some time during the mid 1300's
- Sire  Kosczecsyku 
- Primary Koldunic studies Elements/Weather


  • Caine
    • Enoch
      • Tzimisce
        • Yorak
          • Kosczecsyku
            • Boleslav
              • Monika Andropov


- Ministry - Bad Blood
- Orgy - Blue Monday
- Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
- Nine Inch Nails - Reptile
- Peter Murphy - Bela Lugosi's Dead
- Ben Howard - Oats in the water
- Lee Dewyze - Black Bird Song