Bone Gnawer Protectorate

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General Information

Name: Protectorate of the Mobile Home
Level: Territory
Totem: Mother Rat

Established by a Bone Gnawer pack to safely house and protect kinfolk and land in Northern Nevada. Sun Valley Nevada was chosen for it's proximity to Reno, it's dense population of bone gnawer kin, and it's relative separation from the surrounding valleys.

Sun Valley is a community north of Reno with a population of around 20,000 that is composed primarily of mobile homes. World’s largest? Maybe or may not, but either way it’s gargantuan: miles and miles of trailer homes in tidy rows in the desert.

On the supernatural side of Nevada, Sun Valley has become a place for Bone Gnawers and other cast outs to converge. Until recently there were only a few garou, mostly kinfolk running the place, but that is rapidly changing.


  • Alpha- Rends-the-Button
  • Beta- Steals the Pace
  • Ritemaster- Bong Water Jenkins (NPC)
  • Warder- Kikd In Teef (NPC)
  • Den Parent- Rends-the-Button
  • Keeper of the Land- Yes Deer
  • Master of the Challenge- Chews-on-Problems
  • Gatekeeper- Cooks with Chemicals

Council of Elders

  • Eldest Ragabash - Rends-the-Button
  • Eldest Theurge - Cooks with Chemicals
  • Eldest Philodox - Chews-on-Problems
  • Eldest Galliard - Steals the Pace
  • Eldest Ahroun - Kikd In Teef (NPC)


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