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Name: Bones
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Blightbent
Court: Autumn
Freehold: The Bitten Apple
Titles: Lady Sage of the Unknown Reaches (ghosts/underworld), Witch of the Bitter Wind of the Academy of Ashes

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Taken at NERE 2013, before Bones got the cowboy hat.



An anorexic-looking young woman, with shadowed eyes an unpleasant shade of hazel, and deeply sunken cheeks. She's completely bald, without even eyelashes or eyebrows, and something about her makes you think she's probably sick, possibly with something catching. (Flaw: Deformity.) She usually wears loose black punk pants with chain hanging off them, a skeleton hoodie, and Doc-Marten-like boots, oddly along with a black leather cowboy hat. She wears a simple silver ring, and various occult charms and sigils decorate her clothing, especially the band and brim of her hat. Her voice is low, hoarse and relatively toneless.


A walking skeleton, with sickly green flames in her eye sockets, behind her sternum where her heart should be, and flickering along her joints. There's a sense of wrongness about her - sickness, toxicity - and plants tend to wither where she stands for too long. Her clothing is the same, but hangs even more loosely off her hips and shoulders. The chain that hangs at her hips is really a chain-whip made of bone, with little spikes like thorns - up close, the links seem to have been somehow wrought from human finger bones (Hedgespun Weapon), and her silver ring is revealed as the Hedgespun token of a Witch of the Bitter Winds of the Academy of Ashes. Her voice is even raspier than in her Mask.


Autumn 4: The scent of dust and ashes clings to her (over a subtler scent of inherent sickness or toxicity to those with inhumanly good senses of smell), and when you look at her, you feel like someone just walked over your grave. Summer Goodwill 1: when she is angered, the smell of pyre-ash becomes distinctly stronger.


Publicly Known Information

  • Taken approx 1990 and turned into a skeleton by the Sadist, before being given to the Monster to fight in his "Shadow Army" in what amounted to a True Fae version of Warhammer. Became known as "the Necromancer", and eventually earned the title of "Dread Champion" for her victory the single time she fought at the Red Veil Arena.
  • Returned to Earth late 2010, and it was at least several months before she regained enough Clarity to function around mortals.
  • Has an unusual Contract: Elements (Bone), which earned her both her Academy membership and the 'Necromancer' nickname
  • Has some degree of medical skill - no bedside manner to speak of, though, and if she thinks you're a goner, she won't waste effort to help you.
  • Does taxidermy professionally under the alias Austin Blaine, and makes items out of carved bone; she keeps a taxidermied white kitten on hand in the Autumn Depths on account of the rumor that Mad Sam Silver is afraid of them.
  • The cowboy hat is a relatively recent addition to her ensemble, and she claims it was given to her by a Mage.
  • The flame in place of her heart is even newer, having appeared quite suddenly at the Spring Revel 2015.

Character Ties

  • Connor - Sun King in NYC and Oneirophysic, who treated her when she first got back to Earth, though she doesn't seem to like him much now.
  • Jin - West Emperor in NYC. The occasional weapon Jin forges has a handle, pommel, or other fitting made of carved bone. It's Bones who provides such components.
  • Runa - Pledgemistress in NYC, often referred to as the conscience of the Court.
  • Cairn - fellow Autumn Elemental; he looks like a marble statue off a mausoleum and she's a skeleton. It's not really surprising the two get along and sometimes go scaring together.
  • Jessica Lin, Toni, and Riley - Bones has previously tried to assist the abused women at the Pink Think Motley's shelter, though she tends to spook them enough she's mostly called on if the men responsible try to come after them.
  • Lilith Parsons - Bones helped rescue her from being captured by the Longest Night, and calmed her down after her later meltdown, when no-one else could, and she speaks warmly of Bones ever since. Whether this actually is some peculiar friendship or signs that Lilith really is as mad as a sack of wet barn cats, remains to be seen.
  • Prospero! - inducted her into the Lord Sages
  • Lolly Jenkins - one of the few other people who she seems to be friends with
  • The Devil - Bones assisted in helping him try to contact his dead fiance, for which he now considers her a friend, apparently.
  • Tobias Creed - probably the first to call her a Death Elemental.
  • DJ Radix - goodness only knows why he thinks of her as a friend, but he seems to like her.
  • John Witness - the willworker who gave her his hat, for some strange reason.

The Remembered Dead

Carved in Stone


  • "Everyone is just a skeleton, underneath."
  • "Fools! Do you not fear Death!?"-- Scaring off humans with guns working for the Longest Night Motley (though she didn't know they were at the time)
  • "Someone has to remember the dead."
  • "Not everybody goes to help when someone's in trouble. Most people just stay home. You're good people, and nothing They did changes that!" - DJ Radix
  • "I like her a lot. But, she makes me feel so... Inadequate as an Autumn, y'know? (Later) Well, sure, we're friends! She's really nice, once you get to know her!" - Lilith Parsons
  • "Irritating. That's the nicest thing I have to say about her. She is what actually gives Elementals a bad name, in my opinion. But then again, it takes all kinds...and I'm certainly not required to like other Lost simply because we all got taken." - Belladonna
  • "It's easy to get caught up in her threatening appearance. I think she's a bit over-affected by it too. But there's someone good inside there." - Lolly Jenkins
  • "Bones is a fascinating woman, made more so by the fact she walks the line of living and dead more than anyone else I have ever met. It's clear she has been touched, and changed by magic and I have no doubt that there is an immense power deep inside of her." ~Mr. Draco
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  • Bones adds a bone from every person she kills to her Hedgespun chain-whip.
  • That captured kid Privateer who took sick from his wounds and died - you think the Blightbent (then-)Ghûl might have been behind that?
  • Bones had an abusive boyfriend, or maybe father, before she was Taken.
  • Bones HATES the Court of the Solstice.
  • At a recent gathering, Bones was seen carrying around that taxidermied white cat. And petting it, Bond-villain style.
  • Bones is a Darkling, probably a Gravewight or perhaps a Leechfinger
  • None too sane, with a tendency toward paranoia. To be fair, she nearly got dragged back to Arcadia by Peter Pan and her King was replaced by an imposter...
  • Somehow convinced a Loyalist's ghost to give up his soul so a Keeper could become human.
  • Bones very nearly let another Changeling remain trapped in Arcadia because they had slighter her in some way.
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OOC Information


  • Imagine Dragons, "Radioactive"
  • Black Sabbath, "War Pigs"
  • Counting Crows, "Perfect Blue Buildings" ("Yeah I've got bones beneath my skin, mister/there's a skeleton in every man's house/beneath the dust and sweat and blood that hang on everybody/there's a dead man trying to get out")
  • Alice in Chains, "Them Bones"
  • traditional, "Dem Bones"
  • Heather Dale, "Skeleton Woman" (youtube)
  • (feel free to suggest - with video/mp3 and lyric links, please!)



  • Core concept: the horror of war
  • Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones ("And lo, there was a noise and a rattling. And the bones came together, bone to his bone.")
  • Diablo 2's Necromancer character class
  • Oddities (TV show)/Obscura Antiques - not only is this an inspiration, but ICly, this is where she sells a lot of her taxidermy/'art'
  • This comic (very NSFW - less an inspiration than 'and this is why Bones doesn't have sex', but totally deserves a link)

Player Info

Player: Emily Bond
Member Number: US2009054113
Storyteller: Abby E.
Domain: NY-004-D

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