Bones of the Earth Mother

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Firey unicorn.jpg

Pack Members

Chad Wyler
Ekko Costas
Kimi Whiteduck

Common Knowledge

Unicorn is a wise spirit of peace, purity, healing and harmony. She leads her favored tribe the Children of Gaia toward the all-encompassing love of Gaia.. While recognizing that it comes only at great cost. The pack Bones of the Earth Mother is a support pack consisting of healers and mystics. Their goal is to lend aid and support to those who have to take on the front lines. This support may be medical, spiritual or psychologial.

Pack History

Totem : Unicorn

3 trait bonus on gifts of healing, strength and protection. Double speed in the umbra, 2 trait bonus to healing or empathy. 3 temp wisdom
2 trait penalty to harm non-wyrm garou, Aid and protect the weak and exploited