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Basic Dossier

Name: Joline Paris O`Cathasaigh-Dubois

Creature Type: Human

Current Location: Tuscon Arizona


  • Chief Information Officer for the Dread Desert
  • Member of the original Mutual Aid Task Force -- Tokyo/US
  • Regional Director of the FBI


  • Accord 3
  • VASCU 3
  • FBI 4
  • AIS 3

Known as The Hero of Tulsa a title given to her by Brody after the first campaign there.

Notable traits:

  • Very Intelligent
  • Really good with computers
  • Always calm and composed, though she has a short fuse and hates stupidity.
  • Keeps to herself.
    • When she doesn't she is very outspoken and blunt
  • When she says she is going to do something she does it.
  • Very knowledgeable in the Occult
    • Well versed in ghosts
    • Has studied the Abyss
    • Has knowledge of Kindred.
    • Has studied of Demonology
    • Has studied Tarot
  • Can sense and close tears
  • Loves to study and research things.
  • Speaks Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Yiddish, Dragon, and English
  • Pilots a helicopter, named Valkyrie

Accord PC

Player: Bonnie Day
Creature Type: Hunter
Division: AIS
City: Tuscon Arizona
VST: Chris Young.