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Sabbat PC

Player: James J.
Character: Boomer
Clan: Gangrel
Position: Archbishop, Newark, NJ
Status: Defender
Domain: PA-015-D
VST: Brian McKinley

Character Information

Name: Boomer

Clan: Gangrel

Status: Defender

Notable Traits: Panama hat, baggy shirt, backpack, plays with what looks like a ball of white clay.

Title or Positon: Priest of Cosmic Banditos , Archbishop: Newark, NJ


  • He always seems to have a plan.
  • He is strangely chipper considering that he works with high explosives.
  • He is the one that requires that all members of his pack learn Fortitude.
  • Boomer is actually a fake identity for the Judge Inquisitor Arnold Von Pillar.


"A capable creative Cainite... with explosive results." -Veritas
"The First Rule of Boomer - don't ask what's in his backpack." - Brynjar

OOC Information

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Player: James Jones

MES Number: US2015060031

Location: NJ Sabbat