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Name: Boots Rat, Guardian of NIMH, Kinslayer, Quick Trip Judge

Aspect: Knife Skulker

Homid Description:

  • Boots looks to be about 28 in homid. She has recently been seen in an oversized zebra stripped coat, with a large messenger bag slung over one shoulder. A hilt made of duct tape is typically seen strapped to her arm, chest, or at her waist depending on the day.

Rodens Description:
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Crinos Description:


  • "I know hardly anything about her, but I do know this: she saved my life in Egypt years ago when she had no reason to do so and risked her own in the process. I'll face down any Garou who wants to judge her by the actions of corrupted Ratkin, just as I'd face down a Ratkin who tried to judge me on the actions of a Black Spiral Dancer." -- Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "She proved to me that I should look at her kind with a different perspective. Before I trusted them barely at all, now I see that they too, can and will fight for the right cause. I will take her aid with me anytime she will offer it." -- War-Born
  • "Lynx sneered and said "I do not trust Rat." "Walk to the moon and back with me," replied Rat, "And then you will know if I can be trusted. And, when they had walked together through the shadows on the dark side of the moon, Lynx knew that he was wrong. Do not judge Rat by her size; her strength is great." -- James Redleaf
  • "REALLY!? You are the reason we can't have nice things!! Oh wait... I break shit too. Oh well, time to move on before something else breaks and we get blamed for it." Jacob Redding
  • "Gaia for-fend..... It had to be a damn Ratkin. Boots is the only Ratkin that has gained the honor of being allowed in my Sept. She answered the call for aid, when some garou I know choose not too. She stood by our side and bled with the rest of us. She honored our rites and honored Luna. No matter my personal history with the Rats who betraye; I cannot discount or ignore what she has done not only for my sept, but for me. Step by baby step. " -- Sabine Silver Swift
  • "We'll always have Tibet. Smart-ass." -- Sarah
  • "Rat is not a creature I will understand. Hands have been extended in peace, so I will work towards peace with this one." -- Stone Gaze
  • "Okay, this Rat officially amuses the shit out of me. 10 out of 10, would work with her again." -- Kat
  • "For fuck's sake. I hate it when Ratkin prove themselves competent, courageous, self-managing, and even mildly altruistic. I goddamned hate it." -- Laughs Last


  • She is looking to rebuild the ratkin population and take out the Garou nation sept by sept.
  • Boots was named such because she wears little white boots all the time.

OOC Information

Apocalypse PC

Player: Erin Miracle
Character: Boots
Aspect: Knife Skulker
Breed: Rodens
Rank: Tava
Domain: Sept of Merlin's Resolve

Player: Erin Miracle

MES Number: US2003071789

Location: Phoenix, Az