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Wiki Page for the MES Requiem PC, "Earl Boris Koslov, Archon of the Southeast" of House Benedictus

-- played by James G (US2009064363), Jgray317 @ gmail
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"

"Boris Koslov"
Unconquered Haunt
Columbus GA, Requiem PC

Notable Traits
Tall, standing at 6'6”
Speaks with a Russian accent.
Wears a black mask which hides his facial features.
Wears a period hat: either a bowler or a fedora.
Religious: a particularly devout Longinian
Dresses for function, often wearing coats with many pockets.

Bloodline: Unknown
Sire: Dante Fabiano (NPC)

Formal: The Honorable Lord Boris Koslov, Earl of Hamilton, Archon of the Southeast
Informal: Earl Koslov, Lord Koslov, or Archon Koslov
Familiar: Lord Boris
Intimate: Boris

House Benedictus

Koslov is a particularly brutal kindred, often maiming victims.
Koslov is a stickler for the traditions and is particularly heavy-handed with those that disregard them.
Koslov is a lunatic and believes that he has been personally chosen by God to dispense His Will.
Koslov is possessed by some devil and wears the mask in order to make Aura Perception more difficult.
Koslov's humanity is rapidly slipping.
The sewers are dark and full of terrors; Koslov's herd of misshapen sewer beasties are just one of those terrors.
Once upon a time, the good Earl was Daeva bait, until he pissed off an ancient Crone, who promptly caged, cursed, and sold him off to the highest Haunt bidder.
Koslov can rend the head and limbs from a human body in 11 seconds flat.
Koslov has a a group of kindred he feeds from. Not all of them are willing participants.
Feel free to add more.

Saying 'no offense' doesn't excuse your offensive statement. That is one (raises a single finger).” - Earl Koslov to a Carthian named Dagger
"He didn have no face but he stuck me up ona cross, cut my feet and told me I uz a sinner. He uz right." - gang members speaking of the "vengeful ghost" haunting the streets of the Columbus/Phenix City ghetto.
"He is tolerant as only a member of the First Estate may be." - An unremarkable Carthian speaking of Earl Koslov.
"The good Archon is the closest to kin I have in blood within my Prince's domain. He is a remarkable predator, a true Kindred of Quality, and a fine specimen of the Haunts. If it weren't impossible, I would say that I have been blessed by Allah to have found Archon Koslov and my Prince during my Requiem." - Hibba Qaderi
"It is a waste of my time to give in to the aura of soul-jarring terror that cloaks Earl Koslov, though it's deucedly hard to resist. Duty is our danse, you see, and we both respect - quite deeply respect - the man who holds his leash." - Miss Hayden Sinclair, to a fellow Carthian during Southern Conclave
"I have devoutly passed by an area I think he might have a service on a regular basis." - Baron Adalrico Nikkos
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Allies and Enemies
Alder Duke Asher Al-Khalid – liege lord and dynast of House Benedictus
Alder Baron Abdal-Malik al Rashid ibn Saeed – dynast of House Benedictus
Alder Ambrose d'Beau Visage - Au Pair
Icon tombstone.jpgCardinal Lucius Quinntus Lamar – religious adviser

OOC Information
DISCLAIMER: All information on this page is OOC. You don't know this unless you found it out IC.
Player:James Gray
Location:Columbus, Ga

Character Inspirations
Ivan Drago from Rocky IV
Mister Teatime from Hogfather