Boris Zantosa

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Clan: Tzimisce

Generation: 7th

Pack: Cosmic Banditos

Political Faction: Orthodox

Notable Traits:

Nationality: American

Style and Personality: Man of the People. Boris is kind and warm, until you piss him off.

Appearance: Looks like an average 30 year old male, though his features seem slightly to uniform.

Positions/Status: Bishop of Spirituality, Newark NJ

  • Initiated
    as a True Sabbat
  • Blessed
    as Bishop of Spirituality
  • Enforcer
    as Bishop of Spirituality
  • Anointed
    as Keeper of the Sacred Texts
  • Loyal
    Cardinal Rico Vega
  • Courageous
    Arch Bishop Rosa


Known Associates

The Cosmic Banditos (Pack)

  • Snohomish
  • Ana Moly
  • Arch Bishop Boomer
  • Olivia


  • 1424 – Boris Zantosa is born to a Revenant family in Russia.
  • 1440 – 1703 – Boris served his Tzimisce masters faithfully and loyally, becoming quite a fighter and defender.
  • 1705 – Boris was embraced, still fighting for the family and the Sabbat in which they served.
  • 1780 – Boris joins many Sabbat in sailing to the New World.
  • 1783 – Boris settles in Trenton NJ with other loyal Sabbat.
  • 1784 – 1930 – Boris travels up and down the East Coast, fighting with his brothers and sisters against enemies of the Sword.
  • 1806 – Boris meets Snohomish and a long and difficult relationship is born.
  • 1934 – Boris returns to NJ to help his sire form the Newark diocese for the Sabbat.
  • 1943 – Boris and Sno decide to do something spectacular. They travel to Berlin to kill Hitler. They never made it that far, instead discovering a concentration camp where Nazi’s of a more supernatural bend were completing grueling and horrific experiments on the mortals held captive. Even with all they had seen, Boris snapped, his humanity dropping, his beast rising and killing all involved within the camp.
  • 1944 – Boris returns to Newark, remaining at his sire’s side.
  • 1945 – 1999 – Boris served as Bishop or War for Newark.
  • 1999 – Boris was left behind to protect Newark and North Jersey as his sire, Archbishop Vovk and his army stormed NYC, attempting to take it back, but failing.
  • 2000 – 2004 – Fought off repeated raids from Camarilla teams, Anarchs and Independents. With Vovk gone and presumed dead, many moved in to claim his old territory.
  • 2004 – 2015 – Boris and many other True Sabbat fought a shadow war, not allowing any of the Sword’s enemies to gain a foothold in North Jersey.
  • 2015 – As Archbishop Rico Vega and Cardinal Polonia took NYC, Boris and his allies retook Newark, making it a staging ground and point of entrance and exit into NYC.
  • 2015 – Once New York was retaken for the Sabbat, Boris claimed Newark as Archbishop and was bathed by the newly bathed Cardinal Rico.
  • 2016 - Boris' identity, memories and very existence was stolen by the Eater of Names in Brazil.
  • 2016 - Named Bishop of Spirituality under Arch Bishop Boomer



Boris Zantosa is a fake identity for the Judge Inquisitor Arnold Von Pillar.


Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
City: Newark, NJ Sabbat
Player: Michael Smyrski
Storyteller: ST email here

Player: Michael Smyrski


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