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Event Information


The Boston Featured Game of the Month (FGOTM) will be hosted April 9th, 2016.


Boston FGOTM 2016 will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 320 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458.

Main game events will be held on the 2nd floor, although the Executive Lounge on the 12th floor requires a key to access.

During Cam/Anarch, the Executive Lounge will be set aside for "limited invite" characters (e.g., Princes, Boston's Primogen Council) to use as a meeting space. Please keep these meetings to ~30 minutes or less (unless you have ST approval to be in the space for longer) so that others can use the room.

Boston GotM Layout 2016.jpg

Hosted Venues

  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse
  • Vampire: The Masquerade (Cam/Anarch)
    • Venue Storyteller: Tim C.
    • AVST: Dan Chase
    • AVST: Maria Cambone
    • AVST:

Schedule of Events

Friday, April 8th

  • Friday Night Social
    • 6pm-1am
    • Board Games. Pizza. Snacks. BYOB.
    • Message the event host, Chris Angelo, for location details.

Saturday, April 9th

  • Werewolf the Apocalypse - 1pm-6pm
    • Registration & Check-in - Before 1pm
  • Vampire the Masquerade - 6pm - 11pm
    • Registration & Check-in: 6pm-6:55pm
    • Announcements & ST Premise: 6:55pm-7pm
    • Game: 7pm-11pm
    • Afters: Soldier's Field IHOP, Midnight - Whenever

Apocalypse Game Information

Checking In for Apocalypse

If you are from out of town and planning on attending, help us get through the opening check-in quickly by sending in your character sheets in advance. You can send it to

IC Premise

Victory and Defeat, these things are opposite sides of the same coin and the price for each is often the same. The Garou of Boston have been very successful over the last few years, though their victories were not easy things. Bloodshed and death are constant reminders during their war. So much so that often, the shed blood is simple left behind, given no more thought than anything else. But something is coming, a foreboding, a dread is in the air and spirits of death are starting to gather. Carrion Crows are gathering along the edges of the set and the Morrigu, a long resident just outside the sept, has mounted her horse and awaits. Death is coming and who will survive the Night of the Red Death.

Cam/Anarch Game Information

Checking In for Cam/Anarch

If you are from out of town and planning on attending, help us get through the opening check-in quickly by sending in your character sheets in advance.

Please put BOSTON FGOTM: “Character Name” on the Subj line and send it to Tim C., Ken P., and Mark L., the VST, DST, and ADST respectively.

Getting Up to Speed on Plot

Boston is a dynamic MES city with a lot of plot and intrigue going on across all aspects of the BNS game: PvE, PvP, and detailed downtime interactions across all the backgrounds. We like all players to have fun, and we like visitors to be able to get involved! Since this FGOTM is going to wrap up plotlines that have been going on for months, we recognize that it may be hard for visiting players to understand what’s going on and to contribute.

To help get visitors up to speed, we’re going to be releasing plot synopsis via the Facebook Event and this wiki page. Each synopsis will include a PC point-of-contact that has volunteered to be ICly known for being the expert on that plot. That means they have tons of information, but they are player characters. There may be some intrigue involved in getting all the details; they are not just a simple quest-giver.

Also, prior to the game by e-mail, an easy way to find out about plot is to ask any of the local player characters about the title of a plot in the form of a question:

“Hey, tell me about the Montessi?” “What does lurk in Lowell?” “Where is there much light?” “How is an old world made new?”

Almost all our players will at least recognize the plot name, and if they don’t interact with that plot, they can at least direct you to someone who does. You can also ask STs these questions OOC (politely of course to not interrupt them doing other things) as a way of getting involved.

Finally, we have a public folder wherein game premises, denouements, and publicly available “plot props” and evidence photographs can be found. Assume that all information found in this folder is widely available for PCs who have interest. This is more detail than the plot synopsis, but a lot less than the PC points-of-contact can make available to outsiders coming in for the FGotM.


Speaking of asking an ST for help, in Boston, we have a type of mini-scene called a “Vignette.” A Vignette is designed to be started and ended within 20 minute, so you don’t have to be out of play for long. Also, although there are PvE challenges, Vignettes are “safe” and will not result in PC death. The purpose of a Vignette is to provide a fun, quick side quest that conveys current game flavor and themes, but that does not take PCs away from the main event for long. Players from out of town are welcome to approach STs to ask for Vignettes, or they may be approached by STs offering to take them aside on Vignettes.

Game Premise: Nulla Salus

In the wake of Devil's Week, #OurBoston and other groups bring OurBostonStrong, a three day festival including musicians, artists, vendors, and charities in an open session format that highlights both named artists and up and coming local talent. The OurBoston camp is providing all security and services, ‘requesting’ that the metropolitan police, fire department and other services ‘stay outside’ the perimeter of the camp as tensions remain between the two banks of the Charles River. The expectations leading up to the concert ranges by audience: from “must see Woodstock” of the artist-set, to “Burning Man self-sufficiency” by protest camp participants to “Altamont Free Concert” disaster by residents who remain wary of #OurBoston’s intentions and continuing presence in their city. However, community and civic leaders – still staggering from the riots and arson – are quick to offer public endorsement of the event, offering support ‘in whatever form needed’ while organizers remind that all proceeds from the event are being donated to relief efforts to help the victims of Devil's Week.

In the supernatural world, a furious Queen Constance has summoned Court to the traditional Beacon Hill location. The fires of change may be out in the city, but they still burn hot in Kindred politics. Factions that united to contain the riots now look suspiciously at one another: who will gain in the aftermath, and who will lose.

OOC: All local and visiting PC’s know how to find the Court. The Court is not on Elysium. Camarilla Sect status rules are in effect.

Plot Synopsis: “…where there is much light.”

Since the end of the most recent Blood Moon Tetrad in September, Kindred have reported odd behaviors of shadows in the city. At first, the feeling of being watched or hearing rustling whispers on the wind; that almost seemed to be speaking to the Beast in an incomprehensible language. As the cold snows of winter fell the reports increased in frequency and took on a more concerning tone. It seemed as though beings of Shadow were leaving the Abyss through Gates, seducing Kindred into frenzying and then having their Beast serve the Shadows needs. Some Kindred claimed to have been attacked by Abyssal Soldiers, beings of pure shadow that attempted to pull them back into Gates of the Abyss and whatever lies beyond. In January, activity increased and the first reported conflicts between infernal demons and Abyssal Shadows were reported in the Astral Plane. It seems as if as the chill of winter increased and the celestial alignments occurred, the power of the Shadows increased.

In the month leading up to and culminating in Devil’s Week in March, reports spoke of increasing conflict and battles between the Abyssal Shadows and infernal Demons on the Astral Plane of the city. During Devil’s Week as the city took flame - it appeared a massive battle was waged in multiple planes. In the Astral between the Shadows and Demons, and in the Shadowlands against the Wraiths. The only suspected Trod to the Changeling Court was destroyed under siege of Shadow. Now, as the temporary spring is cut short Kindred wonder what the occupying army of Shadows, unseen on the material planes will do next. As the false spring is cut short and biting snows return, the celestial heavens align in a unique pattern leading to a single night of culmination - April 9th.

Known PC’s who have been studying this phenomena and can provide considerable additional insight include Ravnos Elder Jacob Slynt, an Independent, and Lasombra Neonate Jackson Croy, a member of the Camarilla.

  • Predominant Plot Styles: Mystery, Combat, Supernatural intersections
  • Predominant Themes: This is a story of invasion and conflict.
  • Duration: This plot will conclude on the May FGOTM.
  • Participation: This plot is suited for individuals or coteries, of all social classes, to participate in. Groups should probably work together. Since the Shadows victory during Devil’s Week, there is a strong possibility of permanent character harm or death for entering the Astral, the Abyss, the Shadowlands or the Umbral planes of existence.
  • PvE vs. PvP Mix: This is a PvE plot.

Plot Synopsis: “The Montessi”

A heretical Kindred accused of infernalism and captured by the Tremere escaped a safe house last August under highly suspicious circumstances. Although a manhunt ensued, no trace of the Ancilla Brujah, Alfred Montessi, emerged. However, a series of clues left by the Montessi himself have led Kindred to hidden caches of artifacts and journal entries written by the Montessi himself. Through his journals, it is evident that the Montessi seeks to have these caches discovered, each yielding a reward in a supernatural antiquity and clues to the next Journal page. The Journal pages seem to be leading to the hiding place of the Montessi as well as hints of how to achieve transcendence. Elder Madeline Coventry, a powerful Tremere Elder (Canon NPC) has offered Boons and status to any Kindred returning the Montessi or to any Kindred who can return to her with proof that he is dead.

The Montessi’s Last Will, all five journal entries and a letter between the Montessi and his Sire the Brujah Sevilla have been passed around sufficiently that they are available to PCs interested in reading them here.

Visitors interested in learning more about The Montessi and in hunting him should contact Neonate Toreador Jacob Clarke, a member of the Camarilla. He is known to be leading the investigation to hunt down and return the heretical Montessi to justice.

  • Predominant Plot Styles: Mystery, Combat
  • Predominant Themes: This is a story of heresy and morality.
  • Duration: This plot will conclude on the May FGOTM.
  • Participation: This plot is suited for individuals or coteries, of all social classes, to participate in. Groups should probably work together.
  • PvE vs. PvP Mix: This is a PvE plot.

Plot Synopsis: "What Lurks in Lowell?"

When Kindred defeated an infernal incursion in Providence, RI in mid-2014, they congratulated themselves and returned to their normal nightly rituals, failing to seek out and destroy the source of the infernal taint itself. Lowell has completely fallen to infernal powers, infecting the nearby Domains of Lawrence, Boston, and Cape Cod with Lemures who harrow Kindred in their havens until they perish. Reportedly, an infernal army entered Boston in February to wage war against the Abyssal Shadows in the Astral Plane, but the invasion ended in a climatic battle in March during the fires of Devils Week with the demons retreating back into Lowell and leaving the city to the Shadows and returning to Lowell. But the Lemures remain, manifested in mortal houses and Kindred havens. These residences are empty; their residents have been tormented to their deaths, serving as sacrifices to the infernal Lord of Lowell.

A PC who is known to have been studying this phenomena and who can provide considerable additional insight is the Ancilla Anarch Malkavian Lea Winters.

  • Predominant Plot Styles: Occult investigation, mystery, some combat.
  • Predominant Themes: This is a horror story.
  • Duration: This plot may conclude on the May FGOTM.
  • Participation: This plot is suited for individuals or coteries, of all social classes, to participate in. Groups should probably work together. Due to PC actions challenge level in Lowell and Boston is high with a strong possibility of permanent character harm or death. Challenge ratings in Danvers and Lawerence remain low to moderate.
  • PvE vs. PvP Mix: This is a PvE plot.

Plot Synopsis: “An Old World Made New”

An Envoy Extraordinaire arrives from Eastern Europe bearing news of interest to all Princes and politicking Kindred of the North East. The offer intriguing, the compensation more than adequate - so what’s the tradeoff? Nothing comes for free.

This is a regional plot under the direction of the RST beginning on April 9th. As such, little is known beyond the above. To get involved, start asking around: "Have you heard of an Envoy Extraordinaire?" or "How is an old world made new?"

IC Rumors

IC Quotes