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A Tower in the Wilderness

Boston's Camarilla/Anarch Masquerade Venue.
Domain Name: Shattered Antiquities
Domain Number: MA-003-D
Mailing List:!forum/nhma-masq-ic
Lead Venue Storyteller: Graham Rockwell
Games Hosted On: Second Saturday of the month
Next Game:

Player Characters

The Boston Court

Prince: Markhus Wilhelm
Seneschal: Elder Suriel
Sheriff: Damian Merrick
Scourge: Husam al Malik al Zafir Habr
Keeper of Elysium: Kestrel Sheridan
Master Harpy: Eliza Day

The Primogen Council

Clan Primogen Whip
Ventrue Lucius White
Toreador Jacob Clarke Kestrel Sheridan
Tremere Barrington Price
Malkavian Elder Suriel
Brujah Grigory
Gangrel Bryan Murphy Damian Merrick
Nosferatu Marisa Boyd

Harpy Reports

Keep up with the Boston Kindred by reading about our Gatherings:

Other Boston Kindred

An incomplete and wholly unofficial list...

If you would like to update this table with more accurate information, please do.
Character Clan Title
Agapito Acosta Toreador
Steven Ritche Nosferatu
Ashton Sagewell Tremere
Avery Carmichael Ventrue
Barrington Price Tremere Primogen
Constance Fournier Elder
Delores Rayleigh Tremere
Dotty Darling Malkavian
Elder Suriel Malkavian Primogen
Eric Kincaid Brujah
Gemma Bianchedi Toreador
Grigory Brujah Sheriff, Primogen
Jackson Wild Brujah
Jacob Clarke Toreador
Jacob Slynt Ravnos Elder
Joshua Weatherstone Ventrue Whip
Julia Marx Tremere
Kestrel Sheridan Toreador Primogen
Leogrande Helios Tremere
Malcolm Rook Brujah
Mishka Nosferatu
Montgomery Grant Gangrel
Danny McManus Gangrel
Mr. Allen Nosferatu Whip
Chavali Boswell Nosferatu
Noelle Jardine Nosferatu?
Olivia Toreador
Owen Barlow Gangrel
Rags Nosferatu
The Professor Malkavian
Torrance Fairfallen Toreador
Vincent del Rosario Caitiff
Will Blake Brujah Anarch
Malcolm Donovan Ananke Anarch
Dorian Twain Malkavian
Marisa Boyd Nosferatu Primogen
Chris Sheradan Brujah Whip
Chris Clark Malkavian Anarch
Thumper Brujah
Sebastian Brujah
Gabriel Kingsley Son of Discord
Aife Morgan Toreador
Arthur Volstead Toreador
Lucius White Ventrue

Venue Style Sheet

The following information is derived from our VSS on the approvals database.

The Domain of Shattered Antiquities History: Boston uses a modified version of the events in Dark Colony until roughly 1890; please contact the venue or domain staff for full details. Events through the fall of Salem and the disappearance of Madeline Coventry remain as they are in that book. However, PC action alters the events from that point and the rest of "Dark Colony"'s timeline should be ignored

Now, Boston is a city standing alone. The states to the north (Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) with their high werewolf populations act as a shield between Boston and the Sabbat strongholds in Canada. To the south and west, CT and New York shield it from the nearest Kindred populations.

Boston is a Tower unto itself, a reflection of the wider Camarilla, but one that can only rely on itself and its Kindred.


Boston had decades of conflict before the Sabbat of the area were brought to heel and neutralized. Under the leadership of the Ventrue, the city has prospered and grown strong. But cracks lay beneath the shining ivory surface of the Tower. Low Clans begin to chaffe under the sarcasm tinged noblesse oblige of the High Clans. Independants and Anarchs begin to stir, no longer content to survive off the scraps of the Camarilla.

Boston is an old city for the New World, and many supernaturals made their way through the port city into a new life. Along the way, many left mysteries to be discovered and puzzles to be solved. Beneath the Nosferatu Warrens lay the ruins of the Old City, the Boston that was built upon by later settlers. Few Kindred who venture that far down return, and none will discuss what they found in the dark.


Boston is a strange city; thought of as a college town, it none-the-less has a rich history and a collection of smaller towns around it all grown into one great mass. It is a sea of human experience, from the poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods to the clubs and parties of the rich. There is darkness lurking that has nothing to do with vampires or the supernatural at all, and a place so old holds many secrets. Boston seems to have taken on something of the college character: it is a city not yet sure what it will end up being.

Like the city itself, the court of Boston has a veneer of the old world, of polish, of manners, and of old blue blood. But still, new ideas run through the court heralded by the neonates of the Tower and their modern ideas. And like Boston itself, this push and pull between the old and the new causes tensions to flare.

Character Creation

No limits on character creation other than those in the Camarilla Addendum are currently in use in the Venue. Character background links to major figures in Boston's history, both real world and in-game, must be approved by the VST to avoid conflicts with other PC backgrounds, past or present plotlines, or existing local canon. Ties to Boston by non-residents must be approved by email by the VST.

Styles of Play

Action (Combat and challenges): 2
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 5
Darkness (PC corruption): 4
Darkness (PC Death): 2
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3
Intrigue(Politics and negotiation): 4
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4
Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?): 3
Ratings Description:
1 Never present
2 Sometimes present
3 Often present
4 Usually present
5 Always present

Storytelling Mechanics

One Minute Rule: When a player disagrees with a rules call made by the VST, they will be given one minute to make their case. After that minute, the VST will make a decision and the scene will progress. Players are expected to follow the Code of Conduct when making such a case, remaining courteous and calm during their statement. If the issue is not immediate, players are encouraged to instead put their concern in writing and contact the storyteller outside of game.


Combat can be stressful and confusing; the One Minute Rule can apply in situations lethal to the character, but players are otherwise encouraged to keep a single combat from becoming an hours-long situation. In the event of a particularly large or long-term combat exceeding the reasonable capacity of staffing and time constraints, the Storyteller reserves the right to seek mediation, or if mediation cannot be reached, run the combat as a downtime proxy, possibly with narrated outcome. Players who become disruptive, abusive, belligerent or otherwise behave inappropriately during a combat scene will be removed from the combat (though the scene will not end) and dealt with at the discretion of the VST, and in accordance with disciplinary policy.

Proxy Rules

Shattered Hub follows standard proxy rules as outlined in the Camarilla Addendum. Players must e-mail their character sheets along with XP logs and approval numbers to Mark L., along with a description of the character's motivations, assistance in-city if any and their standard reactions to certain permutations. Proxies for game day will only be accepted if there is a body to portray the character. The VST reserves the right to deny proxies into the city that do not conform to the themes and moods of the VSS.

Travel Risks

Boston is a fairly easy city to get to; by car, by plane, by boat, by bus, by train, all can potentially get someone to the city. Discretion is important, as there are all sorts of forms of mortal security over various transportation methods and vampires generally do not want to risk standing out in a crowd.

Travel, as in most cities, is best accomplished by careful preparation, the use of competent Allies and Retainers, and the application of a great degree of common sense. Specific threats will fluctuate depending upon a variety of factors, and while the VST will have final say on the degree of danger during any particular trip, it can nearly always be assumed that the risk will be present.

Visiting Characters Guidelines

Visiting characters can expect to encounter a wide variety of power levels in both PCs and (potentially) NPCs. The VST reserves the right to refuse entry into the game for characters from outside the VSS that would be damaging to the themes and play style of this VSS, that would be disruptive to the local chronicle, or whose players have previously shown a lack of responsibility when attending the game. This is per the USMH Approval Guidelines, which denotes entrance into a game requires Low Approval. As such, travelling players should notify the VST ahead of time of their intent to attend the game. The VST will attempt to have suitable NPCs on hand if your PC is denied entrance; however this is not a guarantee that you will have something to play.

Combat is not anticipated to be a common occurrence, but it is always a possibility. Non-combat conflict, especially of a political nature, is expected to be somewhat more common. The in-game consequences of such conflict are likewise as serious as those resulting from a more conventional game.

Experience Award Guidelines

A VST can award a maximum of 4 experience points per game attended, at their discretion. A VST is not obligated to award the maximum, and may take such things as overall in-character participation, role-playing, and submission of downtime reports into account. Downtime reports may result in additional XP.


This VSS makes use of the Seattle Feeding Method.

Influence Growth

The VSS makes use of a territory system as an additional requirement beyond GROW actions to obtain Influence levels over level 5. More information can be obtained from the VST.