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Information Known to the Sword of Caine

Philosophy and Goals

  • Botany Bay does not refer to Australia, but the one in the Caribbean (St. Thomas)
  • A mixed pack of different clans and gens that has worked together for half a decade and been based in Aricebo since they arrived in Puerto Rico. During the big battle with the Camarilla they helped in both the war to keep San Juan and in helping people get out to the now-stronghold of Aricebo. Orthodox and orthodox sympathisers with a mostly scholarly bend tapered with spirituality.


  • Formed in 2006, though some members joined later
  • Fought the Camarilla in Puerto Rico in 2010
  • Currently based in Arecibo, Puerto Rico



Our Enemies

  • The Camarilla
  • ...

Rumors about the Pack

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Random stuff

Vaulderie song: "Let us gather now, under a sacred banner of faith. Let us rejoice that we are here, on La Isla Encantada, that we might show ourselves as predators of the night. Rejoice brothers and sisters of the Sword of Caine In our victory, in our celebrations, in our accolades. Raise up your voices as we praise Caine for these gifts. Let us dance in the ashes of our enemies, knowing that victory has been sweet, let us honor those who have passed by sharing this chalice in their memory, in HIS memory, in our memory. Praise Caine.

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