Brandon Taggart

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Sabbat PC

Player: Steve B.
MES Number: US2014060113
Character:Brandon Taggart
Clan: Serpent of the Light
Location: Newark, NJ-007-D
Email: Steve B.
VST: Brian M.

Character Information

Name: Brandon Taggart

Clan: Serpent of the Light

Path: Catharii

Faction: Orthodox


A calm and cheerful exterior masks a sadistic celebrant.

The Albigensian

Taggart employs desire as a weapon to ferret out the weak and the heretical. Only the strong can endure, and therefore, they should enjoy the pleasures of unlife.


  • "If it feels good, do long as it does not conflict with the Wisdom of Caine."
  • "Choosing the lesser of two evils is cliche. Choosing the greater of two pleasures shows true character."


April Smith and the Great Picture Show: Terrible Things