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An extremely accurate depiction of the Eater of Names
Back in my day, our names were all "ugh", and we liked it that way. Now you kids get off my zombie pit!

MES Sabbat proxy to fight The Eater of Names, a Malkavian Methuselah necromancer in Brazil.

OOC Info

Proxy begins Tuesday, December 8th 2015

Google Group

Signup Roster

Send sheets to by midnight Monday, December 7th

"When you sign up for the google group, please pay attention to the google doc sign in sheet. There is a tab for each See. Please put your information on the correct tab. Necromancy and Malkavian are just yes or no check boxes, and combat notes are for things like “ranged firearms, crowd control, Melee combat”. I will be taking signups from now until next Monday. People are free to RP on the list till then. I will then run the proxy on December 8th. People will be proxy locked until I finish."

Cardinal Legba of Brazil's Announcement


The time has come to destroy the Methesulah known as the Eater of Names. The heart of my See is in Sao Paulo Brazil. From there we will travel to village of Hoer Verde deep in the rain forest.

This was once a primitive tribal village. Since then the Eater has destroyed the minds of its inhabitants. A contingent of Harbinger’s and Lamia scouted the village. The shroud, the barrier between our world and the dead lands is extremely weak here. A storm within the Shadowlands consisting of broken glass, magma, acid and other wonderfully nightmarish things are having an effect on the real world. It is highly likely that the spectres of those the Eater has consumed can and will be able to affect the real world. Centrally located within the town is a 40 foot pit with a mound of bodies 40 feet tall. These are the fleshy remnants of those that the Eater has consumed on his travels through South America.

Each of the Cardinals will attack from a different direction. With the conglomeration of everything in one area we will try and contain the fighting by encircling our enemy. Those with necromantic powers will attempt to weaken control and otherwise banish the zombies and spectres that stand between us and the Eater.

Cardinal Legba

Cardinal Vega of the East's Announcement

Cainites of the East!

We've been threatening it for a while, but it's time to go to Brazil and fuck up the Eater!

If she thinks a pile of dead bodies is gonna scare me, she's never seen my basement. And if she thinks she's gonna eat my name, I've got something entirely different for that bitch to eat.

If you're in, look at Cardinal Legba's instructions, and let's do this thing. Sign up in the East section.

For those bad at geography, the East is: Main, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia AND West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Washington D.C.

Like me better than some other Cardinal, or like some Cardinal better than me? Fuck it, sign up wherever you feel like it, and take it up with them later. You're free Cainites and shit, the worst that happens is you fuck each other up and maybe someone dies. I don't care what cardinal direction(1) you fight a pile of corpses and a methuselah from.

Tell your Diocese that the Sabbat's doing what the Sabbat was made to do, and that anyone who can be spared for a week should get the fuck down to Brazil and murder a fucking Methuselah.

Praise Caine and Pass the Napalm,

Rico Vega,

Cardinal of the East

Priest of the Suicide Kings

(1) See what I did there?

Cardinal Ward of the West's Announcement

Brothers and Sisters,

Adorn yourselves with the weapons of war, affix yourselves with malice, and steel yourselves with the hatred of the bonds you have willfully broken. Your time has come, Cardinal Legba has opened her See to your thirst, she has given you the honor of conviction through action.

Your accomplishments are many, and all has led to this moment. Join me, to stand on the battlefield in defiance of the Methuselah that would consume us all. Join me, so that we may stand in victory over the tainted creature and the death it has wrought upon us all.

The call is to be answered by all those within my See: Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii.

If you are uncertain of where you fall you may join with those Cainites from my See.

Samuel Ward

Cardinal of the West

Cardinal Lennox of the South's Announcement

Brothers and Sisters,

Cardinal Legba has called for his brothers and sisters to bring low the ancient that treads his See. I hear your call, brother, and I answer. The South came en masse to aid Cardinal Polonia and fell New York from the tyranny of the Ivory Tower, where we first saw the Eater of Names. In Memphis, we brought low the late Prince Blumenthal, descendant of the Eater, and bent his broken mind before we gorged ourselves, first whetting our palate with it's kin. Faced him once more, with Cardinal Vega in Miami, where it savaged and since then developed a bit of a taste for spilling it's blood.

As ever a time to finish this, the South stands with Cardinal Legba, and brothers and sisters everywhere to see this to its end.

We hear your call, brother, and *we* answer. I call upon my See: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina--stand with me.

Charles Lennox

Cardinal of the South