Briar Rose

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Awakening PC

Player: Cheyenne Procenko
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council ••
Legacy: House of Ariadne
Consilium: York Assembly
City: Toronto
VST: David Fox

Birth Name: Unknown

Shadow Name: Briar Rose


Nicknames: Panderus/Pander, Smith

Quote: "Sometimes my timing is better than others. Regardless of whether my entrance is viewed as good or bad I promise I'm always where I need to be."

Briar taking a selfie with the believed dead Ikelos! March 2015 #selfie #WWID #what


1985 - Born

August 2011 - Awakened

Jan 2012-June 2013 - In Saskatoon

Feb 2013- May 2014 - Mysterium Prospect

June 2014 - Joined FC

Sept 4 2014 - Jan 27 2015 - MIA

Character Description


The Tunes

  • "When Can I See You Again" by Owl City
  • "Babylon" by David Gray
  • "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift
  • “Lips Are Movin” by Meghan Trainer
  • “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
  • “Don't Stop The Party” by Black Eyed Peas
  • "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas
  • "Team" by Lorde
  • "Our Time Is Now" by Amy Grant
  • "Forever Young" by Youth Group
  • "Devil Do" by The Beauties
  • "Sound of Silence" by Atrocity




Looking For


  • Kenzi from "Lost Girl"
  • Selina Kyle from "Gotham"

OOC Information

Player: Cheyenne Procenko

C@M Number: CA2010020801

Location: Toronto, ON