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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Box This Character Is No Longer in Play
Hero's Walk

Accord PC

Player: Cynthia R
Creature Type: Vampire
City: Charlotte, NC
VST: Tony Lone Fight

"I am cursed, unlike the rest, my form always misshapen. Does it make you worry to be discovered because of me? Are you uncomfortable? Does it scare you? I take these terrible gifts, and I make them mine, I make them work for me. The night is like the dark of water, where it is best to stalk your prey, only come to the light when you are ready to strike. There is no room for error, no turning back, finish it off once you hit it.

It is not because of my curse that you fear me, it is what I have become because of it that terrifies you.

I am simply closer to being the perfect predator."


Character Information

Name: Brightwater

Known Aliases: N/A

Apparent Age: 20

Title(s) or Position(s): Currently None.

Accord Status: 2

She may appear to be cute, but not after she looks up at you.

Affiliation Statuses: 1

Notable Traits: Rough Skin; mouth full of shark teeth; eyes covered by sunglasses at most times but when not covered, solid black, like a shark. Low morality.

Gam Name: Land Sharks

Motto: "Some people need a kiss on the neck...from a shark."

Gam Mates:

Appearance: Average height of 5 foot 6 inches, dark haired woman. She is built tough, athletic and sculpted. She wears a wife-beater, shorts, tennis shoes that are loosely tied, a scarf over her lower face, and a pair of sunglasses. Sometimes she complains about being sick, and often looks pale because of it. On her healthier days, she has a nicely tanned body.
She will wear other clothing, more so during winter than any other time of the year.


  • Hangs around the water a lot, says it keeps her healthy.
  • Never seen smiling.
  • Claims to have fingers at hand for use for, whatever the situation might call for. Just not her fingers.
  • Open Cannibal. Discusses cannibalism openly among Accord Cellmates. Admitted to eating people, and always tries to make a deal where she gets a body.
  • May have consumed her siblings in the womb before birth.
  • Never sleeps.
  • She'll eat you and then wear your skin.
  • Likes to "kiss" things with chainsaw teeth.
  • She's one hell of a cook, but it's best to question what meat was actually used to make it, especially the meat pies.
  • Is really a Japanese demon possessing a shark.
  • Brightwater wants Sam Hains job.
  • is teaching Sam Hain to be more human.


  • "You should visit our grotto..." -Brightwater
  • "Insert famous Jaws comment here." -Brightwater
  • "Oh god, he tastes like eight-day-old hippy!" - Standing Jaws and Brightwater
  • "Abominations taste like shit." - Brightwater, after helping kill one.
  • "He'll remove his hand, but you better not scream, if you do scream, I'll eat your tongue from your mouth."
  • "She doesn't need a fucking pet." Jaws, as Brightwater got a tarantula for a pet.

Bull Shark and Guy.jpg

"So this guy goes fishing at night right? Thinks he's landed this trophy fish.

Pulls out a fucking shark, out of the damn river. Right fucking here in Charlotte."
She shakes her head, "His buddy takes a picture of it with him.
The girls would dig this shit, right? Proof of how you fished this big ass fish
out of the water, normally from the ocean." She laughs, "Not too long after that picture was taken,
I heard the shark swung around, bit the fuck out of him, and thrashed all the way back
to the deep water dragging him with it." She sighs now, but she's smiling,
"Police found parts of the body few miles down the river...

...I guess that's what you get for trying to show off."

Personality: Psychopathic

Life, life is such a ridiculous word if you think of it.

Eventually, we all take life for granted.
It's not until we take that last gasp of air
before we truly can appreciate the simplicity
of seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting life.
Death, ha... death comes to us all

Mind's Eye - Praying for Confession

BW Fuzzy Photo.jpg

Known Capabilities:

  • Hiding things -- You want it gone or not seen? Done.
  • Crafty -- Need something made? It will be well made. Her specialty; leather-working.
  • Threats -- With a lack of persuasion because of her form, it's much the tool in her interrogation.
  • Bodily Harm -- Just with a touch to most, it's severe pain, it's like road rash at 100mph.
  • Restraining -- She'll hold someone for you, at the discomfort of the captive.


The Dog
Mr. Roland
Delicious Treat
My Brother
That Spirit Guy

I'll seek you out

Flay you alive
One more word and you won't survive

Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation

The Accord in the eyes of Brightwater

What? Yeah, that group. Talking about "The Queen's Menagerie" over here. I'm fucked up? They're fucked up... We're all fucked up. Sometimes I think I'm just another side show freak in a fucking circus of pussyfooters. I ain't no master mind, but I can get shit done if people who come up with a fucking plan, fucking tell us, so we can fucking do the goddamn job instead of fifteen million ideas from fifteen million people and then tripping all over our feet to get shit done because one thinks their plan is better.
Do I sound angry? Fuck yes!
I'm a ball of rolling destruction completely out of control, rolling down anything and everything in my way. That's what happens when my energy isn't directed in the most useful way. Sure, yeah, I'll punch the fuck out of this guy randomly to knock his ass out, probably NOT the best idea, but at least I fucking did something to get this shit rolling.
For Fuck's sake, it ain't going to matter, we'll probably eat each other from the inside and do the job of destroying ourselves for the enemy. Not saying I like one guy from another, but I got a brain and it contains common sense, meaning if we fuck this shit up, we're fucked. Right in the ass, I know a lot of other people will flip out when it happens. Be prepared fuckers! Lube ain't going to help when we're fucked. More than likely it will put us in the ground, six feet down or for all I know and care, one inch of dirt.
I could sleep this shit off, and wait for the end, but I don't roll over like the dog here in the cell. Fuck that. When I go down, it will be fighting, and taking a lot of my enemies with me. I won't get a hell, but I'll send as many as I can, those I know who will be going, the rest won't get shit like me.
I've faced and dealt with my inner demons, and I can't think of any other better ally than that. So fuck the rest, I know at least I got this shit, so when I'm done, I'm good.
Even if we beat this shit, I'll go back to doing what I do and do it best, and I am sure that the others will come looking for me then, when a greater threat has finally been eliminated, I'll be the one left getting the chase.
At least I can take joy in unnerving my cell mates with the things I do. I may have to work with them, I don't have to like them, and I sure as hell don't have to believe in their moral code, such a weak, disconcerting thing really. Well, when the dirty jobs roll in, at least my brother and I can handle that shit.

Well, since I took up enough of your time, here, have a meat pie. I got a bitch to go torture.

Character Interactions

Brightwater's Twitter


Greenbottle Blue.jpg

Bubbles, origionally names Francisca by |Spider Lady, is Brightwaters
only pet. She wanted a Venus Fly Trap, but her brother said
a plant was too demanding. Boy could she prove him wrong. She told Miss
Spider Lady, that she wanted a pet, a spider, venomous, and pretty.
Bubbles, is a Greenbottle Blue Tarantula, from god only knows where, just the
fact that it is pretty as hell, and has become a favored critter of Brightwater.
Soon enough, she'll probably have this running around in her pocket.

Bubbles is 10 inches long....


Everything about Sharks
Shark Week on Discovery
Bull Sharks species
Trevor Philips from GTA V
Ms. Lovett - Sweeney Todd
Hannibal Lecter
Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb

Eater of Evils, Evil Itself
The Truth doesn't get to destroy the world, I do, right after I save it.
Cannibalist hunter
Intelligent, polite, hidden monster

The best of Songs, Movies, and Song/movie combinations -Click Here (extreme graphics/violence)

OOC Information

Player: "Elexeia"