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“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” ― George Carlin



Birth name: Unknown
Current Names: Brigid
Known As: The Banshee, The Banshee Who Wails
Born: London, Unknown Timeframe
Current Location: Jasper, GA
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Sire: Valerie Hughes
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Favored by Elder William Calloway, Favored by Elder Prince Viveka Von Daun
Position: Harpy of Jasper, GA
Occupation: Requisitions
Description: Brigit can sing, but she's not a singer. She's always putting on a show, but she's no performer. She's a wild talent, but rebels fiercely against any attempt to classify or curtail her, right down to her clothes. Jeans and sneakers suit her fine for tramping the streets, with a hoodie or a hat to hide in. And even though her hands don't feel the cold anymore, she wears fingerless gloves like the street urchin she once was.
Notable Features: Arcane, Personal Masquerade, One blue eye, one brown, a scar across her right eye.

The Cacophony


There lies a tale
somewhere hidden deep
lurking between the beauty of a song
and sharp, sharp teeth.


  • Elise, creator of the first Symphony of Sisters, whose origins are shrouded in mystery, who embraced:
    • Rosline, of the Daughters of Cacophony, who rebelled against her sire, Elise, who embraced:
      • Valerie Hughes, Broodmate to Ligeia Loxley, and who died and was reborn, who embraced:
        • Brigid Hughes-Loxley, The Banshee who wails, who embraced:
          • Hayley Hughes, whose Siren Song was silenced by a jealous Rose a scant two years after her embrace.


The Rogue's Gallery

Rarely seen without at least a passing interaction with each other at large gatherings...the group is a strange mix of casually viscous and intimately affectionate with each other. The true nature of their interpersonal relationships is a mystery to outsiders, and each one will vehemently deny being anything resembling a coterie...and often times even friends.

Benedict Alicia Izar Raph

La mort dans la nuit


"When you walk through the storm/Hold your head up high,/And don't be afraid of the dark./At the end of the storm/Is a golden sky/And the sweet silver/song of a lark./Walk on through the wind,/Walk on through the rain,/Though your dreams be tossed and blown./Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart/And you'll never walk alone./You'll never walk alone." - by Oscar Hammerstein II

Alain Chris Cooper Cass Eric Guard

Everyone Else

Istral Lochlann Ajay Roane
Simon Michael Eric Kincaid Constance Fournier
Isabella Giovanni Matty Carpenter Damaskinos Prudence
Emmanuel Giovanni Baron Driss Anwar Blanc Finn O'Dwyer Jennifer Love
Anna Lazuli Lucien Steiner
Bridgette Max V Gage Creed


Add a Quote

  • "Passion should never be punished, sometimes it just takes the wrong path, and needs redirection." - Brigid
  • "Sometimes madness can be intoxicating!" - Brigid
  • "Tenacious. Very Tenacious. I'm going to be very sad when the game ends someday. Unless it ends in fire. Well, I'll probably be sad then too, though I won't be what's on fire." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "She and I are so much alike in all of the worst possible ways. And we shall continue to carry on, as we have, as the centuries progress much like the centuries that have come before." - Izar San Martin
  • "She has the song I long to hear the most." - Valerie Hughes
  • "My precious nightingale. Beautiful madness on her lips and heated passion in her eyes, a cruel childhood in her heart and hard use in her belly... I wonder, if you laid her open, which would come pouring out." - Benedict
  • "I have thought of killing her, but the world would be barren without such music. It's a much more interesting place with her in it, don't you think?" - Rafael Hernandez
  • "I have crafted ladies out of rougher than her. She has the quality that all her successful fore-mothers have- her tenacity and her voice are the ore in the mine. We have only to refine her to perfection!" - Ligeia Loxley
  • "She is a breath of song in the staleness of unlife. While my singing of blues has been getting old and as I have been trying far to hard with but one pretty song, Brigid is the sound of the birds on the summer breeze that reminds me that I am not alone in the night. If only everyone in my Clan could hear her vocal symphony...." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "In my youth I’ve known much trouble, but from it I’ve also known much joy. And what did I learn? That trouble shared is trouble halved. I’m not saying that Bridget is trouble, just that she is the other half of MY trouble." - Anna Russell
  • "The wife and I keep trying to tell this young lady to come in out of the cold. There's no reason to spend eternity without a decent pair of dress slacks and a roof over your head. Miss Brigid responds to our offers with the kind of expert profanity I recall from the Gdansk shipyards." - Roger Bennington
  • "I am both honored an offended to share her name but that is the nature of our...relationship. I see she kept the spelling from when I first knew her."- Bridgette Merrick
  • "Cara mia, Brigid. It is because of her that I do not stagnate and grow complacent. Her symphony is refreshing to one who finds comfort with the dead; which is a compliment I do not give lightly." - Isabella Giovanni
  • "Dis wan is me best mucker. She went through 'ell an' back ter 'elp me oyt, oi owe 'er de seem. We're loike brah'der an' buff an' blister, alwus parshin' buttons on each other. Wan av de few oi can trust." - Finn O'Dwyer
  • "Associations with Ms. Loxley are best described as bearing the best and worst of the traits of a songbird and a housecat: Fierce, loyal, prone to trouble, prone to flights of fancy, and lovely to listen to outside of the screaming." - Archon David D. Steiner
  • "They break your heart, they steal your soul, take you apart, and yet they somehow make you whole. So what's their game...I suppose a rose by any other name the perfume and the pricks the same..." - Matty Carpenter
  • "Even the raven under my battlements is a hoarse reminder of death. She is my Raven." - Constance Fournier
  • "Over the decades, she has come into ownership of several of my works - though she's never commissioned any from me. That speaks of devotion and praise. I am ever so glad to have an admirer of my jewels." - Emmanuel Giovanni
  • "There are loves, and then loves to end all loves. Brigid is something in between. She is that wild, untamed, and beautiful love. She rages through your heart like a wild fire burning everything up that it touches. She scars you, hurts you, and leaves you wanting more." - Christopher Cooper
  • "There are some who may call Frau Hughes-Loxley an unusual guest to sit at mein Herr's table, but the Von Dauns are artists and it is for the artist to say what is unusual, and what is sublime." - Vera Kaufman
  • "Between her and Anna Russell, it's a wonder I have nice things at all left in my possessions." - Luca Zelati Bianci
  • "She's nice enough to talk to me. Even gave me a job once." Eric Guard
  • "Brigid is a living song, and all that music embodies; pain and pleasure... joy and sorrow... life and death. She can choose such as easily as she chooses what note to carry. And she so often chooses the beat to which I dance. An amusing thought, oui?" - Alain
  • "Yeah, I met her a couple of times. And no, I will not be asking her to sing any time soon." - Spencer
  • "Man, she can light a fire in me - more ways than one. One day she'll realize who the better thief is, though. " - Nick Bennett
  • "Ah my beautiful, Fylgjukona Althjof." - Otama Myrkrdotter
  • "After seeing her with Prince Bridgette, I am so curious about Bridgid. I'm... not sure if that's a good thing, honestly. It's certainly not a safe thing." - Emma Klein
  • "Eliza. Tiara. Armchair. Tiara. It doesn't matter what you call this Siren...she's extremely good at what she does. Where was it you put your wallet again, by the by?"'." - William Calloway

OOC Quotes

  • “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
  • “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” ― George Carlin
  • "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." - William Butler Yeats

Two Truths and a Lie

Add a Rumor

  • Spent a great deal of time in and around Europe.
  • Brigid's chaotic nature is due to the the oddity of being a part of the Symphony of Sisters.
  • Came to the United States in the 1800's.
  • For some reason, will never go back to Ireland.
  • For the right price, she's willing to try anything at least once.
  • Killed her Sire when she tried to force the girl into High Society.
  • Is a Malkavian hiding her derangement.
  • There is a kindred in the Camarilla who is her mortal father.
  • Is actually an angel who fell.
  • Was a ghoul who was poached from an Elder Toreador.
    • Elder Nos, don't sling Toreador so easily around her.
    • Elder Brujah, That's where her hutzpah originates from
  • Secretly hunts Toreador singers down and kills them.
  • Voice of an angel, and the soul of a demon
  • If you can stir her blood, she's actually a quite passionate creature.
  • Brigid is the original Bad Girl.
  • Her relationships are always doomed to failure because of a powerful curse.
  • She hates Paris because she nearly dies every time she goes there.
  • Earned Warned x2 at the 2014 Waterloo Grand Conclave for informing an Elder that he was not of her clan, and vehemently denying his right to say so.
  • Brigid is rumored to be one of the first of the Symphony of Sisters, hiding the true strength of her blood.
    • This is why she doesn't perform in public, her voice would simultaneously inflict unimaginable pain, and crippling pleasure if heard.
  • She's got a coterie consisting of a Ventrue and three Toreador. They all deny flatly they are a coterie.

The Beauty of a Song

OOC Soundtrack

Character Information
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Original Beth US2002023783
Storyteller: ATL VST