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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Apocalypse PC

Brody Eberhart (IC Picture).jpg Player: James Collins
Character: DECEASED: Brody Eberhart ~ Tackles the Mountain

Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Breed: Homid
Rank: Fostern
Position: Guardian

Glory: •••••
Honor: ••
Pure Breed: •••••
Ancestors: •••••

VST: Tori Hendrix

Real Name: DECEASED: Brody Eberhart

Deed Name(s): Tackles the Mountain

Notable Traits: 8ft Tall, all muscle and Fenrir Pure Breed 5

In a race of warriors, the Get of Fenris are the most warlike. The Fenrir, as they’re also known, value a glorious death over a peaceful old age. They wear their scars with pride, howl the glory of their victories, and revel in the fear that they spread among the minions of the Wyrm. To the Get, compassion is a luxury, not a virtue – the greatest virtues are valor and strength

Homid Physical Description: White, Male, Teenager, 8'0", 450lbs, Long white blonde hair with glacier blue eyes.
Attire: Glasses, Blue Jeans, Lone Jack Mules Football Jersey and Lots of Guns

Crinos Physical Description: He Stands 12’ tall and weighs about 1800 lbs. His fur is pure gray without a hint of mudblood. His claws are like blades of iron and his teeth like giant daggers dripping in the blood of his enemies.

Lupus Physical Description: He stands 38” at the shoulder. The total length is 60” including the tail of 14”. The body weight 163 pounds. His coat is long and soft; completely gray. Muzzle is long; nose pad also gray; ears rufous; legs long and muscular; tail long, bushy, and body is huge in size compared to other wolves. He resembles the huge gray wolves of the North,belligerent beasts with broad shoulders and huge, savage jaws

Information Known by The Nation

Brody Eberhart - Tackles the Mountain, Walks the Line was born under Luna's full light, to the greatest tribe - the Get of Fenris, born as a Homid and now a Fostern in the eyes of the Nation.

Brody stands right at 8' tall with piercing blue eyes and almost white blonde shoulder length hair. When in his war forms his fur is of the purest grey with no impure blood showing. His ancestors are known among the greatest of the greatest. His Fenrir Ancestors have forged Klaives, killed a Nexus Crawler and sacrificed themselves dying in glorious combat since the dawn of time.

Brody defends The Tor with his life and along side him stands his pack Gullinbursti's Tusks and Totem of Boar. Brody was born during a Moot, to his Garou Mother and Kinfolk Father. He was raised in Lone Jack, MO and has gained all of his renown near that town.

Brody has been called to lead, not only because of natural charisma, but also because he is expected to live up to his lineage. Brody has attended many Fenrir held Caerns and has learned the battle tactics they use in the war against the Wyrm. Brody has no fear that when his time comes he will lead the Fenrir in the Nation, his ancestors before him have done so and they call out to him to do so again.

Until that time Brody fights and learns usually in that order.

Brody is known to be able to perform a rite of cleansing in a pinch and is looking to learn more rites if he can find the right teachers.

Brody loves stories. He can often be found slamming a Red Bull while listening to Galliards of all ranks tell tells of Glory. He has studied the Wyrm to better fight it, but will only teach it to those he has fought along side or that has taught him something new. Brody used to hate the umbra and now he feels there are lots of glory to be had fighting the wyrm where they can not hide inside flesh and blood.


Name:Gulinbursti's Tusks
Additional Members:
(OOC Note: This information may be less than accurate ATM)


  • "Fenrir like river buffalo - slow to learn and bad-tempered." - Tylwyth
  • "Full-Moon of day something hit him hard. Hard enough make him think before he swings." - Restless Heart
  • "Oh aye, he's a Get he is. Tackles mountains indeed, boyo might as well BE a mountain! Now lets see if there are more than rocks upstairs." - Denny McNeely
  • "Brody? He is quite a powerhouse, though not all situations call for power and raw strength. Sometimes, the right word or a carefully laid plan is more useful than sheer strength. Though, the wisdom when to use his strength has saved my hide once." - Dmitri Havel
  • "I've known Brody for quite some time now... since before the change. He's always been big, but he is one hell of a warrior. It's best to stay out of his way once he has his eyes on the target... either that or fight along beside him." - Ariana Rodin
  • "...who?" - Richard "Twisted Wound" Coldfield

  • [Add yours here]

OOC: Brody is your typical "Bro" who likes to lift a lot of weights and tends to speak in jock talk. However once you get to know him you realize he has a lot of weight on his shoulders. His pure breeding has garnered him lots of attention from his Elders and peers alike. He though is always willing to fight, and help in any way he can. If the Get of Fenris had a PR guy, this would be him. He is just as likely to be found working with the Shadow Lords as he is the Children of Gaia. He still feels his tribe is the greatest and most glorious but he is much more willing than other Get of Fenris to overlook the other tribes flaws and work with them anyway.

Brody for Wiki.JPG


  • Brody has started to frequent the Sept of the Golden Door in Puerto Rico. What is his motivation to visit the sept that has no other Fenrir?
  • Brody fought a Ratkin very recently at another sept. Brody won, the Rat ran away and it didn't manage to spark another war.
  • The Ratkin that Brody fought let him win, if only to show off his acrobatic skills.

Rank Challengers

Rank Challenges
Rite of Passage Open Slot
Cliath Open Slot
Fostern Open Slot
Adren N/A
Athro N/A
Elder N/A

OOC Information

Player: James Collins

Location: Kansas City, MO
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