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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Operative Identification

Name: Brody Ryan
Aliases: None that you have ever heard of...
Class: Werewolf
Age: 35



Accord PC

Player: Steven Hulford
Member Number: US2009084580
Domain: OK-008-D
Creature Type: Forsaken Cahalith Storm Lord
Division: The Vault, Section 1 Department of Humanity
City: Tulsa,_OK_Accord
VST: Tulsa VST

Operative Record


  • Has Numerous Media Allies
  • Works as a Free Lance Reporter
  • Attractive to Spirits/Can deal with Spirits in a Diplomatic Manner

Operation: Caldero del Sol

Tulsa Proxy


Current Activity

Important Personal Information

Known Associates



Other Persons


  • Single handedly Brought down an Abomination due to his massive intellect.
  • Underneath his Fedora, hides a spirit of knowledge that allows him to know anything about any subject or object he has only just encountered.
  • Allowed James Saulnier to beat him at a duel for Cell Leadership, because he would rather enjoy power from behind the thrown, instead of being a public target.
  • Isn't actually a Werewolf, but just a really, hairy human.
  • Has never taken a single wound in battle. Observers believe it is due to a very powerful Rite of Protection that only he knows how to enact.

On Record

  • "Plato said, 'Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.' Brody embodies this." Kathrine "Kit" Doall

In "Real Life"


OOC Info

Steven H. US2009084580

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