Bronach Darogun

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Requiem PC

Player: Tami
Clan: Mehket
Bloodline: None
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: Maiden
Status: 1
VST: VST name


Kindred: I walk in darkness but dream of the sun. We remember a time when she loved us and we danced in warmth. Now we live in darkness and I find others like me. She enjoys the company of my kind.
Mekhet - Do you walk in the shadows? Are you a Shadow yourself? We know you - or we will.
Lore- We love knowledge, and those who learn it are most interesting. Will you speak of ages past or days yet to come, and all the learning we have and will have?
Family - We search out for those of blood, we know there is more then one of us. are you them?
Mnemosyne - (#USA-EC-VR-1510-029760) As a Mnemosyne, Bronach will have blood ties to a great many Kindred. Though a definitive list is kept elsewhere, this is a fairly regularly updated keeping. This is strictly OOC knowledge.

Little Black Book

Faistine - Blood Tie. Mother, we have found you after so long.
Valentine - Grandfather by mortal blood.
Professor Sinclare - Tied. Memories are not as they should be.

Remembered Moments

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