Broward Florida Holmgang

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Item: Book

Cover: leather

Style: hand written, red ink calligraphy

Writter: Lazaro

Reference: Holmgang

Pages: 300

Pages used: 133

First entry: March 13, 1909

Last entry: October 19, 2013



Holmgang under Prince Alaric Lokison follows such rules:

  • Each involved party has a count of three shields
  • A challenger is considered defeated when either he has lost all his shields or unable to continue fighting
  • If a shield breaks, the challengers must stop until a new shield is held; this is honorable combat after all
  • No mental or social "shenanigans" allowed
  • Each challenger has a Shield Bearer which must wager a presentation of minor or greater weight on the challenge

About the Book:

This book was written by Lazaro, it contains the history of Holmgang in the Borward, Florida praxys.
It is hand written in calligraphy on red ink.
This was a tradition instituted by Price Alaric Lokison when he first took praxys in the early 1900's.
Many entries over time, but after the mid 1980's there is only 1 entry and it corresponds to modern time.

Inside the Book:

October 19, 2013:
Brujah John Harmon called upon a challenge to Schenechal Lazaro.
Two week prior a group of anarchs show up at Elysium held by (at the time) Harpy Arthur Carroway at an office building owned by the same. Later on the evening there was a sort of dispute between John Harmon and an anarch; they took their dispute to the street where many motorcycle gang members had shown up. A hand fight started between the Brujah Harmon and an anarch where the powers of speed were being used. Schenechal Lazaro broke from under an obfuscation cloak provided by (need to get name) and commanded Harmon to stop fighting. This was effective just for a moment as the anarchs did not stop. After the whole event was over, Harmon expressed his anger as to Schenechal Lazaro taking sides with the anarchs.

Prince Alaric Lokison declared Schenechal Lazaro to have been in the right on his attempts to stop the fight as no violence is allowed within his lands without his permission. Brujah John Harmon had broken such mandate, but the homlgang would be followed and determine solution.

Shield Bearer:
For John Harmon: standing local Brujah Primogen (need name)
For Schenechal Lazaro: standing Prince Elijah Hunter

The challenge:
John Harmon chose a large double axe; also, set it on fire.
Schenechal Lazaro chose the standard sword. The Prince asked if fire would be matched, and it was.

After Lazaros' first shield broke, John Harmon continue to attack Lazaro before he could reach another shield and was bale to strike him without protection.
Prince Alaric paused the fight and explained what should have been known. Brujah John Harmon claimed ignorance of the rules.
At the conclusion of this homlgang, Harmon was victorious. All acknowledged John Harmon's passion for his fighting art and was declared Scourge of the lnds.
Much drinking and celebration followed.