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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Bloomington, IN
Player: John Scott
Storyteller: Contact VST IN-013-D
Bruce Armistead in summer garb

Information Known by Kindred Society

The sections below are labelled according to what different groups would be likely to know IC. Please judge access to this information for your own characters responsibly. If you have any questions about this PC, please feel free to contact the player or the presiding VST in Bloomington with any questions (status checks, background information, etc.).



  • Acknowledged

Bruce has been acknowledged as a citizen of the Camarilla by Prince Carolyne DuBois of Bloomington, Indiana.


At Large

Bruce is a young neonate who has never traveled to other Camarilla courts, and so little is known about him still. He appeared on the scene in Bloomington in March of 2015 as Carolyne DuBois of Clan Tremere was setting up her new court. He is the childe of the young neonate Skyler. He has stated publicly that he comes from Binghamton, New York.


Bruce would be about 6 feet tall if he had any posture to speak of. He has brown hair and eyes. So far in court he has shown no facility with dressing well, wearing an odd mix of slacks, sweater, tie, and flat cap that seems not to fit anywhere but at a chess board in Central Park among the old farts, really. It seems maybe he is trying to dress up for court, but has no fashion sense about how. He seems to favor, reds, blues, and browns in his wardrobe, but the quality of his clothes doesn't exceed what might be found at a Midwestern Goodwill store. His summer style choices resemble a nerd on safari; his autumn has opens up with a sort of anarchistic hipster look that doesn't really work, and his winter attire seems fuzzy and designed just to keep a guy against the chill when drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag in the park with the other miscreants.

In the Court of Bloomington

Bruce is a recent personality in the Camarilla at large and in Bloomington in particular. He has demonstrated some odd interests for a Kindred (but perhaps not for a mortal), including playing harmonica and Klondike solitaire or studying The Klingon Dictionary while at court functions. He has expressed confusion/concern about the state and purpose of Camarilla social functions. He has also flown off the handle a couple times when others made statements that he somehow connected to making unjust or ignorant assumptions about people with physical disabilities, probably due to his claim to have suffered from acute multiple sclerosis (MS) before the Embrace. Sometimes his outbursts, triggered by his sensitivity to his past health issues, have been rather disruptive and embarrassing.

In one of his deeper conversations witnessed by some, he has shown a remarkable value for the new chance of longevity given to him by the Embrace, and a righteous anger at the notion that someone would waste such an opportunity to improve themselves and to help others.

As he has stayed longer in Bloomington's court, Bruce has clearly been trying to do more to earn his keep in the city. Usually this takes the form of him hatching cockamamie theories about how to solve problems facing the court, but some of his intel has proved quite valuable to the security of the city.

By Harpies

Bruce earned a minor prestation from Carolyne DuBois on his first night in her court by leading a card game according to her (presumably) tongue-in-cheek request. He seemed not to catch that she was probably mocking him with the offer. He called in the prestation the very same night to retain the right to reside and feed in Bloomington.

By Clan Brujah

120px-Brujah Symbol white.png

Sire: Skyler of Mt. Pleasant

Considering even his sire is believed to have been sired only in 2012, he's young enough himself to be really unknown. In Bloomington, he seems to accept that he still knows very little about Kindred and Camarilla life, and he's shown no readiness to be a leader of the clan yet.

He's been seen to express a certain idealism about the opportunities for self-improvement and helping other afforded by the Embrace, which perhaps speaks well of his future among Clan Brujah if he gets the right mentorship along the way.


  • Bruce is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • There's something wrong with the guy if he thinks Kindred existence is served by playing harmonica and learning Klingon.
  • He won't make it two years among Kindred unless someone makes him their tool. You just watch.
  • In occasional uncanny moments, his conspiracy theories and half-baked plans yield something close to a good idea or actual insight. (But monkeys given enough time with typewriter and paper will eventually reproduce the complete works of Shakespeare, too, right?)
  • He accepted the post of Keeper of Elysium in Bloomington when Prince Carolyne DuBois dropped it in his lap in February 2016, but he didn't seem exactly thrilled with the implications.


By Bruce:

  • "I never thought I'd have the chance to pursue a lot of things I was interested in before. But now that I have the time, I intend to accomplish them." -explaining why he was studying The Klingon Dictionary

About Bruce:

  • "What the hell have I created…" -Skyler
  • "I find his willingness to ask questions, and listen to the answers, refreshing. We all do have to start our education somewhere. And happily he uses less profanity than Rosko when doing it... so far." -Laszlo Bako

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OOC Information

Player Name: John Scott

MES Number: US2002023603

Location: Bloomington, IN