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Changeling PC

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Player: Edumar Santos
Character: Brute
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Farwalker
Court: Winter
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
VST: Cris Picado

Character Information

Name: Adam Kesner

Alias(es): Brute

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Farwalker

Court: Winter

Title or Position: None

Notable Traits: The time in Arcadia was not good to Adam’s looks, for he looks like an ugly beast man. The nickname of “Brute” is one Adam feels comfortable with for his ugly appearance is apparent even in his mask. A brutish brow and long arms make Adam look the part of a Neanderthal.

Merit Details:

  • Winter Mantle 3: What little hair Brute has is now white or grey and he exudes a cold air about him. While he talks steam comes out of his mouth even in hot environs. His voice sounds low as if the winter winds carries it away.

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Not much is known so far by the court of DC about Brute, yet it is obvious to all that a sad story carries about him like in every other homeless person in this city. He moved to DC recently following his ward and fetch who got a job in DC.

Current Activities:

So far Brute seems to be interested in stalking his ward and fetch while slowly getting involved in the court politics.