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Sabbat PC

Player: Steve B.
MES Number: US2014060113
Character: Brynjar "Benji"
Clan: Gangrel Coyote
Location: Newark, NJ-007-D
Email: Steve B.
VST: Brian M.

Character Information

Name: Brynjar "Benji"

Clan: Gangrel Coyote

Deceased. Captured and killed by the Camarilla.

Title or Positon:
Ductus for Caine's Venom

(I) Blessed

Notable Traits:

Benji is quick to anger and slow to forgive. He enjoys fighting and takes up every opportunity to engage.


Craig Judson was a body guard in New York City. He was fired mere weeks before The Sabbat's first Crusade upon New York City. Being Embraced at the lowest and angriest point in his life, has given him a new focus in the Sword of Caine. He actively fights against the "privileged elite" he once served.

His passion for Norse mythology influenced the name he chose for himself. "Brynjar" meaning armor and warrior, he embodies both aspects. He is swift, deadly, and shrug off all but the most punishing assaults.

Upon the formation of the Newark Diocese, Brynjar introduced himself at the first gathering. As no one could properly pronounce his name. He begrudgingly accepted the name upon induction into Caine's Venom.

Quotes & Rumors

  • "In times of peril, what do you hold onto?" - Jericho Jones. "The other guy's neck." - Brynjar

Pack: Caine's Venom

  • Brynjar - Gangrel Coyote - "Benji" - Ductus
  • Jericho Jones - Telyav Tremere - Priest
  • Archbishop Boris Zantosa - Tzimisce - "ABB"
  • Mike Morrer - Tzimisce - "Bookworm"

OOC Information

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Player: Steven Byrd

MES Number: US2014060113

Location: Newark, NJ