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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Awakening PC

Player: Mark Mielewczyk
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Tamer of Rivers
Position: Curator?
Consilium: Ferrum Arce
City: Hamilton, ON, Canada
Cabal: None
VST: David March

Shadow Name: Bubba

Birth Name: William Crocker

Sleeper Aliases: None

Path: Thyrsus

Legacy: Tamer of Rivers

Order: Mysterium

Faction: Archivists

Titles & Offices: Curator?

Notable Traits: Fame 1 [Stock Car Racing Driver]


Character Description

Bubba is around six feet tall, with a somewhat stocky build and bright blue eyes. He looks to be in his 40s with somewhat weathered features. His fashion style of choice leans towards jeans and beach shirts worn over print t-shirts.



You feel as if you are racing down a raging river, then plummet over a tall waterfall and plunge into deep water. You burst back to the surface, full of adrenaline, feeling as if you have just experienced the most exhilarating moment of your life.

What You May Know About Bubba


Friends, Allies and Everyone Else


  • Suffers motion sickness when he's a passenger in a car.

Words of Wisdom From The Man, The Legend


What Others Have To Say

  • Bubba? He's the real deal, a total package: A solid member of the Order; hell on wheels; knows how to have a good time. I never think twice about working with him. The job will get done right and there's always an adventure. ...even if we're making it ourselves... - Penny

Soundtrack: The Window to the Soul




  • Ricky Bobby - Talladega Nights
  • Mickey - Snatch

OOC Information

Player: Mark Mielewczyk

C@M Number: CA200403015

Location: Hamilton, ON