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Buck Dale Overlock

Player: Wolf Kelley
Character: Buck Dale Overlock
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Carthian
Position: Deputy
Status: City 1, Gangrel 2, Carthian 1=2
Domain: CO-015-D
VST: Jeff Mills

Titles: That guy in hunters orange.

Coteries/Societies: None Yet

Appearance: Buck usually is dressed in some form of hunting or urban camo, his favorite Coors hat on his head and possibly a jean jacket. He usually is not clean shaven but he at least keeps his clothes pretty tidy and free of stains.

Behavior: Buck sometimes can be the center of attention but at the same time gets awkward if he realizes too many are focused on him. Usually he is on the sidelines of conversation, occasionally adding something or just listening. He usually is making jokes to lighten any tension.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Buck was embraced in the 60's.
  • He spent a good bit of time unaligned but eventually after getting more at peace with himself and away from his family he joined the Carthian Movement.
  • Buck loves building things, mostly cars and trucks but he is usually up to the challenge of something new.

Information Known to Carthians

Carthian Movement.png
  • Buck is on the run from his family from Denver where they hold a large stronghold.
  • Buck once went to MIT but was grabbed by his family on his 3rd year and drug back to be embraced since he had "Gotten too big for his britches"
  • Buck is part of The Generals Militia.


Overlock... Enough Said.

Quotes about him/From him

"Its Buck... like as in the fuckin' deer... Is that so god damned hard to remember?" - Buck

"The Circle once tried to recruit me, one of theme was this hot chick who could tell the future by rubbin' her third nipple. Them are some crazy folks" - Buck

"Mr. Overlock once covered up a failure of the powers of the blood quite nicely with a $50 bill and an immigrant janitor. It was not as cultured a method as some might prefer, but it worked." - Father Alexander Harland

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Daryl Dixon



OOC Information

Player: Wolf Kelley, US2005012806

Location: Denver