Burden of Ages

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Rob Cunningham
Character: Travis Locklear (Burden of Ages)
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Wendigo
Position: None
Rank: Fostern
Sept: Sept of The Valley of The Moon
Domain: Unconquered Sun
VST: Woody Purdy

Character Information

Name: Travis Locklear (Burden of Ages)

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Wendigo

Position: None

Rank: Fostern

Domain: Unconquered Sun


Pure Breed 3: Wendigo

Homid: Just over 6 feet tall, 185lbs, with shaggy brown hair and fair skin. There are definite signs of Native American features, though his skin is pale.

Homid Form

Crinos: In Crinos form, the Wendigo features become more apparent. White-furred, taller than most Crinos, and more sleek than brawny, as though built more for speed and finesse rather than brute force. Jet-black eyes and claws and fangs that often appear as curving daggers of hardened ice, emitting a blue smoke.

Crinos Form

Lupus: White-coated with flecks of gray. Again, he seems to be smaller than other Lupus, but not scrawny. Gives the air of a coiled spring at all times.

Lupus Form

Note: The air around Burden of Ages is often several degrees cooler than the ambient temperature, particularly when he is agitated or upset. This effect never occurs around normal humans except under the most extreme emotional duress.


Travis graduated top of his class from Rancho Cotate High School in 2013. He was an all-American athlete who seemed destined for either professional baseball or the Olympics. As a result, he often puts a great deal of pressure on himself, reflecting the pressure he has felt to excel his whole life. He has a strong sense of morality, as befits a member of his Auspice, and has no problem acknowledging mistakes and learning from them.

Though new to the Nation, Travis does his best to fit in, and is friendly with any fellow Garou, regardless of Tribe, who has not given him explicit reason to act otherwise.



In combat, Burden of Ages sometimes employs a Crinos-sized whalebone spear, carved with northern Native American runes.

The Pack: Currently packless



  • There is a troubling rumor that Burden of Ages does indeed come from a long and powerful line of Garou... all of whom to this point have walked the Black Spiral.

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  • "Savage Wendigo chased off the other totems who might've claimed him, and gave him ice and anger as a gift. He had a promising future, and now... god damn, what a load for the kid to carry. If he lives, he'll be great... whether that means a great ally or a great enemy is the big question." -- Laughs Last
  • "He has such promise. I'm really looking forward to the day that he learns to think for himself." -- Ingrid Tests-the-Waters

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OOC Information

Player: Rob Cunningham

MES Number: US2006098714

Location: Sonoma, CA