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Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Breed: Homid
Pack: The Killjoys
Sept: Sept of the Falling Jewels
Rank: Adren
Glory: •••••
Honor: ••••
Wisdom: ••••• •••••
Player: Woody Smith
Storyteller: Josh T

Character Information

Name: Giorgio "Business Card" Romano, known to certain Ragabashes as "Don't Play for Cash".

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Glass Walkers

Position: Keeper of the Land

Renown: 10 Wisdom, 5 Glory, 4 Honor

Domain: Sept of the Falling Jewels, just outside Washington, DC

Notable Traits: He has a business card for everything, and the license to back it up.

Title or Position:


  • He's a bastard. No, literally. His father had an affair with a very married Kinfolk of another tribe.
  • He has no problem hiring mercenaries to do his dirty work.
  • He is one shady individual...and those business cards are just ways of tracking you down later on. Don't take one!
  • He is believed to have made efforts to go against a pack of Shadowlords, Get of Fenris and Fianna.
  • feel free to add rumors


  • "He's loud-mouthed, rude, single-minded, arrogant, and distracting, both before and after a fight. If he wasn't so useful in the fight, I'd have him barred from the damn Sept. But he is, and so I'll consider him Gaia's very own test of my patience to make sure that the job gets done." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • feel free to add quotes

OOC Information

[1] Sadly, unfortunately for others, a partial inspiration

Player: Woody Smith

MES Number: US2002023157

Location: Washington, DC