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Clan: Nosferatu••••
Bloodline: None
Covenant: The Carthian Movement ••••
City: Los Angeles, CA •••••
Player: Joshua Harris
Storyteller: VST Darold Morris

Things About Buzzard
Despite the stereotypes of the clan and the occasional bits of scales that appear on his flesh, Buzzard is very social. Being one of the founding five members of the Sons of Carthage, or The First Five, as they are referred, he has sought the respectable treatment of Carthian's and Unaligned since his arrival in Los Angeles in 1956.


Known to Kindred Society

Soon after arriving in the domain of Los Angeles in 1956, the kindred calling himself Buzzard formed a Carthian coterie called The Sons of Carthage. Soon accompanied by Valentine, Rellik, Bo Savage, and Stone, the coterie began to accept Unaligned. The Coterie expanded to include chapters in neighboring domains. Just as they expanded their mission did as well.


Public Rumors

  • Is Prince of a whole separate domain in the Necropolis
  • Has more than one LA Invictus Blood bound to him
  • Is Blood bound to a member of the LA Invictus
  • Has a powerful psychic gift that many politically minded Kindred make use of
  • Knows of a far more powerful subterranean society of creatures and has held them at bay for decades.
  • Is the current bearer of at least one magical item, cursed or blessed depending on who you ask.

Public Lineage

Sire: Not Publicly Known
Broodmates and Counsins: Victor Spite
Childer: None Publicly Known

Public Associates

Sons of Carthage
The Baron von Abandroth
Simon Greenberg
Georgina Godfrey
Asvald Grettirsen
Ragnar Soren
Klause Schroder
Sabine Bjornson
Lief Ragnarsen


  • "It is a rare thing to find one that can remind you of things long lost. The simple satisfaction of hearing one's native tongue can be most delightful." - Rowan Ragnardottar
  • "God damn it, Bo." - Buzzard
  • "Buzzard's a good one to have at your back." - Sabine Bjornson
  • "Oh, Mr. Buzzard, I am ever so delighted to see you!" – Georgina Godfrey
  • "Priscus Buzzard seems to hold a fascination for several members of my house. Perhaps if time were taken on both our accounts to speak about more than business I would understand that unusual fascination." - Ingifríðr Ragnardottar
  • "This man and his club still confuse me, nevertheless they do the movement proud, but he is a much better poker player then I will ever be." Earl MacReedy
  • "HA! Buzzard is perhaps the most deadly kind of Carthian. He's intelligent, brutal and has an agenda. He's far and away the most entertaining to watch and thats important. It means he's the one you should pay attention." Khalid Ibn Sahir to a local Invictus with a creeping smile.
  • "Do not underestimated a gentleman who goes by the self-styled moniker of 'Buzzard'. You will will learn very quickly of his voracity and patience." Lief Ragnarsen
  • "I've never met Buzzard, but I do know that he has called for my head for whatever reason he thinks picking a fight with an Elder of the Sanctified will accomplish him. I welcome the chance for him to try." - St.Lucian the Redeemer

OOC Information

Player Name Joshua Harris

MES Number US2007101254

Location Los Angeles, CA