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“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

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Mountain Shadow Clutch.png


Parliament of Wolves

  • Strength: Loose alliance.
  • Type: Currently all Parliament members get a voice.


  • Purchasing non-primary Renown is easier for all members of this clutch, for those who sit on and off the actual parliament. While Renown itself is not a marker of status, the larger numbers of werewolves found in most parliamentary alliances (20 or more) help a character to increase his personal standing in non-traditional ways. Characters must still earn their Renown with appropriate action, of course — existing as part of this alliance doesn't make Renown free, it simply helps spread the resonance of one’s deeds. (Details on the roleplaying aspect of gaining Renown can be found on p. 194 of Werewolf: The Forsaken.) Purchasing alternate, non-primary Renown with experience points now costs new dots x 7 (instead of new dots x 8).


  • The parliamentary structure of this alliance is not natural. It’s not enough to cause a Harmony loss, but it is enough to make regaining Harmony more difficult. Some recognize this as a small cost to pay in making a legitimate society of the People work — and, it encourages those within it not to lose Harmony in the first place. Others don’t recognize it directly, but simply feel out-of-sorts when kowtowing politically to this style of clutch. Assume that, when purchasing Harmony, the cost is now new dots x 4 (instead of the previous new dots x 3).

The Packs

War Torn.png

1. Totem: The Sarge
2. Members

  • (Steve Rogers ooc: Name: Tribe Auspice) (Alpha)
  • (Hank: Storm Lord Irraka) (Beta)
  • (Typo: Iron Master Itheur) (Rite Master)
  • Russell "Rusty" MacIntyre: Iron Master Irraka (Pack Position)
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)

3. Pack Duty

The Jury.png

1. Totem: Janus Blind Justice
2. Members

  • (Jonathon Rawlins: Blood Talon Elodoth) (Alpha)
  • (Shelley Bergeman OOC:Name: Hunter In Darkness Irraka) (Beta)
  • Jacob Schaefer: Iron Master Rahu
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)

3. Pack Duty

'Pack Name
1. Totem 2. Members

  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)
  • (Name: Tribe Auspice) (Pack Position)

3. Duty


Ghost Wolves.png

  • (Name: Auspice) <br
  • (Name: Auspice) <br
  • (Name: Auspice) <br
  • (Name: Auspice) <br
  • (Name: Auspice) <br

Clutch Allies

  • The Convoy

1. Totem: Long Haul
2. Members

  • Samuel V. Labbe "Sludge" : (Iron Master: Elodoth) (Alpha)
  • Tad D. Miller "The Wedge" : (Iron Master: Itheur) (Beta)
  • Omar L. Johnson "Waste Management" : (Bone Shadow: Galliard)
  • Richard A. Littlejohn "Groucho" : (Storm Lord: Irraka)
  • Henry H. Flannery "Hammer" : (Blood Talon: Rahu)

3. Pack Duty: To Patrol I-25 and deal with threats there.

  • Eisen Hammer

1. Totem: Firmament of Ages
2. Members

  • Martin Meyer "Staring Wolf" : (Hunter In Darkness: Itheur )(Alpha)
  • Thomas Baader "Carries the Heavens" : (Hunter In Darkness: Rahu) (Beta)
  • Julia Krueger "Thirsts for the Heavens" : (Hunter In Darkness: Galliard)
  • Thorsten Gersten "Listens to the Heavens" : (Hunter In Darkness: Irraka)
  • Christina Abend "Balances the Rage" : (Hunter In Darkness: Elodoth)

3. Pack Duty: Keep the Mahnina Mysteries

  • Jacobs Ladder

1. Totem: Wheel of the Broken Land
2. Members

  • Jacob Sorenson "Electric Mayhem" : (Bone Shadows: Rahu)(Alpha)
  • Tyler McMorran "Balances the Knife" : (Bone Shadows: Irraka) (Beta)
  • Amelia Geach "Machine Geist : (Bone Shadows: Itheur)
  • Madison Oster "Waits on the Stars" : (Bone Shadows: Elodoth)
  • Marcus Howell-Price :Answers the Dead" : (Bone Shadows: Irraka)
  • Julian Iliffe "Angel Breaker"  : (Bone Shadows: Elodoth)
  • Samuel Prell "Battles the Mountain" : (Bone Shadows: Rahu)

3. Pack Duty : Patrol the South Eastern Borders. Remember the Uratha Traditions

Clutch Enemies

  • This is for things that come up. We already know the Pure are Enemies.

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