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The Church of Ultimate Truth Houston-Galveston

Church of the Ultimate Truth Houston-Galveston

Church of the Ultimate Truth Houston-Galveston was built in 2011.
At capacity, the megachurch interior holds 25,000 people.

The Church of the Ultimate Truth Houston-Galveston is a religious organization responsible for various charity works, including an initiative to feed and clothe the homeless. As of 2010 the Church also provides the Saint Northson Scholarship of Hope, which assists underprivileged children with a path towards higher education. Having received recognition as a leader in humanitarian aid to beleaguered countries and accolades from across the globe, the Church of the Ultimate Truth considers everyone part of their global community.


Founded in 1998 by Saint Talbot Northson, the Church of the Ultimate Truth has become an international beacon of hope, love and understanding. The Church of the Ultimate Truth was given official standing as the recognized religion in 2000.

After moving to Houston in 2007, Damian Rominati formally established the Church of the Ultimate Truth Houston-Galveston. The first Board of Servants was elected in May of 2008, and the first formal service was provided in June of that same year. Within the space of five years the congregation grew to sixteen thousand. This rapid growth lead to the construction of the Northson megachurch, a 25,000 seat facility located on a 60 acre plot of land in Pearland, just south of Houston. This Church, along with eleven smaller satellite havens, provide for the greater Houston area.


As described by Saint Talbot Northson in a 2001 interview, the tenets of the Church of the Ultimate Truth are built on seven basic principles:

  • Truth – Deceive not those of our family, and they will lay down their lives for you. Be honest and upright in all your dealings, and you will find that no path is barred to you.
  • Understanding – Faith is rarely ever a private affair, even though you may hold your own beliefs. We understand that others are hesitant. We work to show them the true path in life. We welcome our brothers and sisters with open arms, leaving none behind who wish to see the Truth.
  • Success – We believe that a successful individual is a happy individual. As part of our outreach program, we will work with you and your family to ensure that your basic needs are met. We will help to educate and assist you with today’s job market. No brother or sister is left behind.
  • Power – The Church of the Ultimate Truth believes that knowledge and happiness are the true keys to power. When you have those, you are more powerful than any superhero or super villain. Confidence in one’s self and one’s beliefs is what we strive to obtain.
  • Hope – These are dark times, and the world is often a harsh place. We believe in giving others hope to move forward, to be successful, and to live a life of Truth.
  • Determination – We reward those who are most devoted by providing for their needs, providing employment opportunities within the Church of the Ultimate Truth, and by showing them how they can serve the Truth through their actions and determination. Those who are determined to find success find it within the Truth.
  • Knowledge – We at the Church of the Ultimate Truth want your eyes to be open, your ears to hear everything, and your heart to be filled with understanding. Whether this be a college tuition or a private class, we will give you the tools you need to find knowledge.

Church Organization

The Church of the Ultimate Truth Houston-Galveston has an elected Board of Servants that govern day-to-day operations. They are responsible for the financial viability of the Church, the growth of the congregation, and the public image of the Church as a whole. They also oversee twenty five Enlightened Servants who serve as priests, and a general staff of four hundred. As of the Day of Truth, celebrated on May first of 2015, the Board included:

  • Bishop Damian Rominati (sadly, deceased)
  • First Minister Lorenzo Carcetti
  • Servant David Pine
  • Servant Lester Rothstein

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