Cai Li

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Accord PC

Player: Geoff F.
Creature Type: Bastet Rajanya
Division: The Ministry
City: Tokyo
VST: Tokyo Accord VST

Character Information

Name: Cai Li

Creature Type: Bastet Rajanya

Cell: Southern Chobu Cell, Tokyo

Accord Status: 3

Position and Title: Former Assistant Security Officer

DivisionThe Ministry

Division Status 3

Known Information


Notable traits

  • Striking Looks 4
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Predator's Bearing
  • Old Blood 3 (Strong and nearly palpable wild resonance, as if his blood were old and his roots were deep )
  • Feral Heart 6
  • Sexual Dimorphism
  • Extraordinary Specimen
  • Changing Breed Respect:
    • Loyalty 5
    • Ferocity 4
    • Passion 0
    • Cleverness 0
    • Insight 0



Other Supernaturals and his thoughts

  • Kindred - I wonder if they have daywalkers like the movie "Blade"
  • Changelings- strange, and dark pasts. They have it just as bad as the Geists at times, sometimes worse.
  • Mages- as varied like the grass in a field
  • Uratha- Territorial at Best, Monsters at worst. I made a promise to protect them, I plan to keep it.
  • Changing Breeds- so many different kinds of us. its hard to describe them all in a single thought.
  • Geist- they have it harder then most.
  • Promethean- a what?
  • Hunters - as with all things, some are better than others. But should they attempt to hunt me, know that will become the prey.
  • Mortals -

Known Associates & Cai thoughts on them

- his thoughts on said people are ooc knowledge and only known if he has shared them with your character. (Add yourself)

  • Rio - She is growing as a person. I hope she makes it through this war.
  • Sera Moon - a good person
  • Sam Roland Hain - He has made mistakes, I forgave him for some of them.
  • Deimos - She and I have had a short but troubled past, she is still a good person in my books though
  • Hannah Leone - interesting fellow
  • Kazane Yoshida -
  • Alec Shijo - A good man with and interesting group of friends around him. I owe him an honor debt for his help.
  • Makkusu Gyuntā - he is, good person, no matter what people think. I would stand by him in the darkest of days, and while he and I may not hold the same honor or respect, he has his own code and honors that. That, is why I respect him.

Quotes by Others

  • "He is kind and he is fierce; he knows sorrow while he still laughs. Such a thing is rare, and it is intriguing." - Deimos
  • "Clover likes him. He seems controlled and level headed. I think is a help." - Winter Reilly
  • "Calm like the eye of a storm. I saw true strength and confidence, I wish him well." - Sydney Reynolds
  • "Hairy baby!" — Hannah Leone
  • "We started out competitive but as a team, we're going to kick ass." - Max Gunther
  • "I believe he tried his best to be pack to Sera. However, it is not enough to be strong. The High are only the High when they respect the Low. It is good they have space between them now." - David Shattuck
  • "Desperately in need of chilling out. He brags about the strength of his beast, but it has grown too strong in him. It is a sad thing when a cat loses his cool." -Hank Sims
  • "Everything was fine until he decided to dump water all over me and the cat." - Meraki
  • "If your honor demands that you disobey the direct order of your commander in the field, your honor can suck my dick. I wasn't yelling at you for my health, pussy cat." - Shkira Kushnir

Quotes by Cai


  • He seems to be close to a mage named Deimos
    • Was... he got his heart broken when she feel for an abyssal mage...
      • They broke up on harsh terms, seeing that they do not talk anymore

Missions & Patches

Operation: Heart of Darkness Operation: Lightbulb Operation: Paragon - Guangzhou


OOC Info

Player: Geoff F.

MES Number: US2008052337


  • player: Kansas City Kansas
  • Character: Southern Chobu Cell, Tokyo Japan