Cainites Rising

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This is the basic outline. Content and customization and formatting to come.


Teaser for theme, mood, etc (optional), written by VST, (cough cough hint cough)

Useful Links

Game Instructions

House Rules

Proxy Rules

Court of DC

Boy, I have no clue how the VST is structuring the (arch?)bishopric.

Cainites of DC


(Sabbat Status is a mystery to me. Always seemed like you could have way too much to track)

  • Status 6+
  • Status 5
  • Status 4
  • Status 3
  • Status 2
  • Status 1
  • The Tolerated


  • Pack Name, please make separate page.

Locations of Note

Either PC or NPC locations for that venue.

The Graveyard

  • The Deceased
  • The Disappeared

Venue-Specific Timeline

NPCs and events of note

(ST's sandbox area)