Caitlyn Barnes

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Requiem PC

Player: Isabel Langevin
Cait 2.1.png
Character: Caitlyn Barnes
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Position: None
Status: City: 0, Clan:2 & Covenant: 2
Domain: [1] (CDN-015)
VST: Francis Lachance

Character Information

Name: Caitlyn Barnes

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Carthian Movement

Status: City: 0, Clan:2 & Covenant:2

Title or Positon: None




What people say about Cailtyn

Known for...

  • Her Computer Skill
  • Always talk her mind out
  • Being gorgeous and easily approchable (Stricking Look 4)
  • Organized amazing party and social gathering
  • Being Keeper of Elysium for a wilde while Franco Lucianno was on the throne on Montreal
  • Collaborate to the fail Praxis of Vedova

Character Ties



Sire: Nathan Middleton Barnes
Related : 
●Nathaniel Alexander Gunisen
●Franco Lucianno (Brother)
¬ Vittoria Tavarone (Niece)
●Raphaël Roy Barnes (Brother)
●Alexander Barnes (Brother)(Deceased)


OOC Information

Player Name Isabel Langevin

CaM NumberCA2015011508

Location [2] (CDN-015)