Caitlyn Blackthorne

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Clan:Tremere Antitribu
Sect:Sabbat ••
City:Albuquerque, NM
Player:Alexandra Pitchford
Storyteller:Paul M

Name: Caitlyn Blackthorne

Clan: Tremere Antitribu

Sect: Sabbat

Embraced: 1747

Generation: 9th

Current Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pack: The Barbarians at the Gates

Standing: *Initiated* into the Sabbat, *Enlightened* by the Path of Death and the Soul

Notable traits: Unassuming and mousy - seeming almost meek, at first glance. Seems emotionally detached.

Publicly Known Information


  • Sire: Jacob Lyons †
  • El Camacho - While not truly her sire, Cat sees the man who turned her away from the follies of the tower as her true sire, regardless of blood. In her mind, she owes him everything.


  • Was born in London
  • Resided in coastal Virginia until 2001, when her estate was burned to the ground. Wasn't seen again until she resurfaced in Albuquerque in early 2013
  • Since 1883, has been served by a loyal ghoul by the name of Johnathan Blake - a former Confederate soldier - at least until 2001. Since Caitlyn's re-emergence, Blake hasn't been seen, replaced by a young woman by the name of Maria Crawford.
  • Has trouble processing emotion, and as such often seems cold - the way she rather prefers to be seen. You do not want to see her angry.

Tremere Antitribu


  • She keeps her former ghoul's head in a jar in her study - an example of what happens to those who betray her
  • Prior to being inducted into her current pack out in Albuquerque, another prospective pack member actually threw her through a window. TWICE! Completely humiliated her!
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  • "You must feel it to understand it. Yes. I am aware that emotions are weakness... Sigh Let us try this lesson another way." - El Camacho
  • "Caitlyn and I...we don't always see eye to eye. But we're pack - that means something. Besides, I'm the top sorceress in the pack. As long as she remembers that, we get along fair enough...and if she forgets, well, there are plenty more windows." - Seraphine Duchamps
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Character Ties



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Out of Character Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Alexandra Pitchford
Character: Caitlyn Blackthorne
Clan: Tremere Antitribu
Position: N/A
Status: 2
Domain: NM-001-D
VST: Paul M

Player: Alexandra Pitchford
Membership Number: US2013060114
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Other Characters: Amalia Iliescu