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"Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have."

David Bowie

Character Information

This PC is retired as of 14 September 2015


  • Caleb Edgecomb


  • Daeva


  • Ordo Dracul

Status: Daeva 3 Ordo Dracul 3 City Status 3
Notable Traits:

Title or Positon:


  • Sire Arya Ajit
  • Caleb has stated he was embraced in the 1800's in the Bahamas




  • "We made our money in shipping."
  • "Yes I am an Athiest. That doesn't mean I don't know about the supernatural. I am a vampire you know."
  • "He's fun for an Elder. Interesting take on focus and passion too..." --Joan Black
  • "So many conversations on the books to have with my Uncle." - Alder Lief Ragnarsen
  • "Smart trader. There's not many of those left out there." - Risa Greenhand
  • "There is a careful balancing act between being an elder and a relic, a state that is reflected in Caleb's manner. He is old enough to have grown strong, young enough to appreciate the need for pragmatism, and wise enough to understand that he'll never know everything." --Matthew Abram Voelker
  • "My beloved little brother. You're more than welcome to underestimate him...I will sit and watch in amusement while he takes your whole world...and you don't know until it's gone." Sara Kuar
  • "One of my wonderful children. I am proud of what he has been able to accomplish. He still has yet to beat his father at poker though..." -- Arya Ajit


  • Caleb was the subject of an ancient island rite -- An attempt to channel the spirit of a God into his body. As far as we know, the rite failed.
  • He's a surprisingly skilled poker player. Watch your wallet.
  • It is believed that Caleb is of an unknown bloodline. One that has the ability to speak to the minds of other kindred no matter their location or state of mind.


  • David Bowie as the Narrator in The Hunger