Caleb Elm

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Character Information
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Iron Masters
Renown: ••••• •••••
Cunning: •••
Honor: ••••
City: Washington, DC
Pack: None
Player: Daniel Walker
Storyteller: Ben Slims

Character Information

Deed Name: Speaks-of-Peace

Notable Features: Anthropomorphic (Signs of the Moon, pg. 107), Harmony 8, Status: High Society 1, Business 2

Aspect: Boundary-Keeper

Lodge: Lodge of Lycurgus

Coalition: Lunar Consulate


Caleb Elm was born the youngest of three children in Fort Worth, TX. He has two older twin sisters named Emily and Jane. Caleb’s mother died from leukemia when he was three years old. His father made a living buying and selling commercial and residential real estate. Caleb, unlike his older sisters, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and attended the University of Texas’ business school.

In the last few weeks of the master’s program, Caleb felt like he was losing his mind. His social perceptions were completely out of whack. He interpreted friendly or polite behavior from women as romantic declarations and the barest of social slights as clear signs of aggression. He just barely made it through finals week without someone filing a complaint against him.

While visiting his father that summer at Eagle Point Lake Caleb finally had his first change. While he fled into the woods in garou form his father suffered a fatal heart attack from the terror of Lunacy. Fortunately, the local Intersection pack happened to be hunting the woods that night and took him in.



Stories of Renown

Glory 1 - Lead pack against a beshilu infestation

Honor 2 - Strengthened the Pact of the Split Arrow by diffusing a tense situation with a local Pure pack regarding a renegade wolf-blooded

Honor 3 - Let an enemy of the People live in order to give him a chance to redeem himself

Honor 4 - Rallied some of the spirits of Yellowstone to fight against a rank 5 volcano spirit

Cunning 3 - Arranged to have a locus' resonance put in jeopardy so that the controlling spirit would have to bargain for control