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Through the Camera's LensOOC


Name: Calico
Known Alias: Kitty, Kat Thrasher, Madame Doucher ((Family Only, during Ritual: Nephthys))
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independents
Notable Traits: Calico is always dressing in bright 80's clothing and make-up, and always seems to be bouncing with energy. She has nearly waist length, bright blue hair, which sets off the yellow of her snake slit eyes in a stunning (and disturbing) manner. Though pale, she claims that it looks good on her, when she chooses not to hide it with makeup.
OOC Mechanics: Obviously not on Humanity; Eerie Presence: Snake Eyes; Eerie Presence: Viper Fangs

Time Spent With Cats is Never Wasted

80's Party.jpg

Calico is your classic 1982 glam rock girl. Always up for a fun time, whether your idea of fun is partying, drinking, skin, drugs, or other pursuits. Once you've let her know what you enjoy, she usually can provide it for you, and will at least try it once with you to understand the new version of fun. It's her outgoing personality as much as her pretty face that keeps people coming back for more. That and the "party favors" she has a tendency of giving away at large gatherings. The first one is always free, of course, compliments of the family. After that well...payment can be negotiated.

In Ancient Times, Cats Were Worshipped as Gods, and They Have Never Forgotten This


Calico herself has stated she was embraced in Los Angeles in 1982 outside of a club during a show. According to Calico, it was because she had been dealing in another person's turf, who decided to embrace her and keep her working rather than kill her. She spent the next few years under a form of accounting, before being released to do her own thing. She spent most of her time travelling up and down the California coast between San Diego and San Francisco doing what she did best: partying. Though the music, styles, and parties have changed through the years, Calico has managed to stay on top of things, and always has a good idea of where to go to live it up.

No Matter How Much Cats Fight, There Always Seem to be Plenty of Kittens


Uncle Horace
Uncle Harrland
Auntie Jupiter
Auntie Addison
Uncle Billy
Auntie El
Uncle Kendrick
Uncle Adam
Uncle Mikey
Uncle Slim
Sarrisane ((NPC))

Even Cats Grow Lonely and Anxious

80's Game Images.jpg

Jack Rey
Sybil Giovanni
Angelo Giovanni
Cicero Giovanni
Gracciano Giovanni
James Saxon
Maxwell Jacobs
Gabriel Thorne
DJ Lov3 Bit3
James Thorne
Eddie Dean
We Are §aM
Patrick Valentino
Eileen Vargas
Peter Legba
Evan Lazarus
Cordelia Starling

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Cities, Like Cats, Will Reveal Themselves at Night

CleoCombo by Ian Beers.jpg

Calico is not as human as she seems
She's really a Toreador, masking as a Setite
Smarter than she looks
Perpetually high on something
Actually, does not drink or use drugs of any kind
Claims to be the model that inspired most of Patrick Nagle's iconic 80's artwork
Showed a show called "The Real World" to family member one day and has yet to see him again
Shows "The Labyrinth" to every person she can
Is the one who persuaded Arden to dress as the Goblin King for a recent gather
Died late 2014...and mysteriously came back to life in early 2016, no worse for wear
Was referred to as the "Whore of Babylon" by the Ventrue, and has since adopted the nickname with delight
Is referred to as "Set's Jewel" or "Set's Treasure" by other Setites for her apparent re-incarnation from Duat
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Those Who'll Play With Cats Must Expect to be Scratched

Tumblr mmhsx8TSt91r0gto7o1 1280 Patrick Nagle.jpg

"Assamites? They're a little too stabby for my tastes, but they sure have some great weed!" -Calico
"It's pronounced 'Doo-shay'. It's French!" -Calico, when teased about her surname
"Oh shit, there's Occam!" -Calico
"You're like a cheerleader for Set." -8Ball, Anarch
"We enjoy her more than most know how to." -We Are §aM
"If you aren't having a good time with Calico, you aren't doing it right." -Eddie Dean
"She seems really nice and trustworthy!" -Anonymous
"She, along with her cousin Addison, are the brightest jewels of Set's treasure." -Michael Rlin
"There's not that many people who I feel like I have to work to keep up with on the debauchery..." - Jack Rey
"Yes, she was selling on my turf. I didn't like it so I went to "deal with her" but when I saw her and met her in person, I was completely captivated, on many levels. There was no other choice but to make her mine forever" - Adam Ro
"Hey, I just wanted to let you know your coat is fucking sexy, and I think it'd look even better on my bedroom floor. Here's my card, give me a call." -Calico, said with a wink to a speechless James Saxon
"Calico is...delicious...Delicious like the blood of a virgin cascading along your tongue." - Angelo
"My favorite sin." - Gracciano
"Calico was a rare surprise when I met her. Completely unexpected, yet more than pleasant." - Cicero
"A delight, certainly, but more so than puerile minds can grasp. When a child makes children of her elders, it proves that it is the smallest vipers that often have the deadliest venom. In the garden, more than fate indeed..." - Arden
"Many a time, we have shared a smile, She knew just as well as I did what we both was doing. Even though it may have been across the bridge, They both knew " -Malachai
"There's only one God and it's not your elder, heathen." -Zachariah White
"Ah... Calico." -Alain
"I always love visiting with Calico. She bring out the best in me." --Jupiter Lotis
"She is one of my favorite go-to's when I need to put a new set of eyes on obscure matters. Talking theology is always illuminating as well. But best of all- we are only a scant four or five years apart in embrace, so we really relate to each other easily" --Evan Lazarus
"I've been called a cat before; so often that I've never applied the appellation to anyone else save in mockery. But Calico deserves it. And the fact that I say so ought to leave you horrified." --Benedict Verren
"Calico is like heroin. Momentary pleasure at a cost. Indulge at your own peril." Nicholas Loring
"gives me a cold knot in my stomach. like, every time i see her i can't help remembering her all rubbin' herself all up on me. i try not to think about it. makes me feel weird, gross, like i'm... i don't like it when she's around." - Ollie Ellsworth
"Every moment we are in the same city she is a blight on what I am capable of. It is her type that makes it difficult for those of our blood loyal to the tower to function. She and Followers like her leave a foul taste in my mouth." - Lex Reyes
"Right when she came in the room I knew I needed her. I'm glad I choose to move to San Francisco." - Lydia Brooks
"I guess now I understand what the Setites mean by tempation. Well, that and she sings like an angel." - Archon Angus Hudson

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There Are Two Means of Refuge From the Miseries of Life: Music and Cats


Die Young
I Can't Say No to You
Just Got Paid Let's Get Laid
Kingdom of Welcome Addiction
Only When I Lose Myself
Ride a White Horse
The Killing Moon
Twisted Transistor
Within You
You Destroy Me