Calico Malone

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Colorado Springs
Player: Travis Page
Storyteller: Direct ST Jayme Wooster

Cyrl CoA.jpg

Relative Truth


Name: Cyryl Ó Maol Dhomhnaigh
AKA: Cyril O Maloney
AKA: Alder Calico Malone
Clan: Malkavian
Sire: Vasantasena
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed,


  • The following is what is known as mostly true.
  • 1208 Born in Ua Birain, Éire
  • @1253/58 Embraced in Éire by Vasantasena.
  • 1490 Passed through Sliabn Gamh. Soon after there was an Earthquake.
  • 1497 Wandered Éire and taking advantage of the Famine.
  • 1577 Was seen watching a Comet on top of a Church.. location varies.
  • 1642 Generally avoided the Irish Confederate Wars.
  • 1760 Was seen screaming at trees after the battle of Carrickfergus.
  • 1831 Was found arguing with a frog after a battle in the Tithe War.
  • 1939-44 Was seen on multiple occasions leaving areas that were bombed in the war. This includes the whole of the Islands.
  • 1945 Left Éire and was seen in America.
  • 1951 Was seen in Maine, USA.
  • 2016 Set up haven in Colorado.


ICly this section known only to Clan Malkavian.


Allies, Enemies, and Others



  • Alder Cyryl is rumored to be cursed and may never know the true gifts of Malkav.




The Player

Player: Travis Page
Number: US2002021965
Location: Colorado Springs Co

CSprings Masquerade